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Brochure Design - The Process

Brochure Designs that really dazzle from Auxano

Elegantly Designed Commercial Brochure is your Business's Identity Statement - Make the most of it.

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Brochure Design

Commercial Brochure Design

Auxano - Brochure Maker for Digital Domain

Printed brochures are a terrific marketing tool; they are a great way to super-charge your business and reach existing and new customers. Brochures can also deliver vital information on products you create, services you offer, or key information about your company. They also offer the customer something to refer back to your information packed brochure!

The Design Team @Auxano offers high quality and affordable brochure designing services that impact and help in the growth of your business. The Brochure illustrates your Business Identity with high influence and puts a deep impact on your services.

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Brochure Design Process






  • Understand the Client Requirement from the Brochure Design

    Whenever we start designing a brochure, we start by asking our clients why they think that they need a brochure. We discuss what is the purpose of the brochure? How do they want to reach the audience? What will the brochure do for the customer when he/she picks it up? Will it be handed out or available at a retail store, or mailed? Asking these questions helps us narrow down the design features the client would like to showcase in their brochure design project.

    Additionally, they need to define the objectives they want to achieve from this brochure. Is this brochure going to be your Corporate Statement / Company Showcase or a detailed document describing your products and services in detail. After detailed discussions with the client, we come up with a design brief that defines the brochure design project and illustrates how and what exactly the brochure is trying to achieve.

  • Don't Ignore those Images in your Brochure

    Once we have the detailed objectives, we know what all services/products we would be including in your Brochure. Now, we request our clients to provide us with high quality graphic images of their products and services. We know that to make a product brochure pleasurable to flick through, you would need good quality photos.

    We need to keep in mind that this will be a printed brochure at some time and therefore taking web images is out of question. We can also arrange for a photoshoot for our local clients or provide inputs to our clients on how to best showcase their products and services. We never cut corners with images and other graphic content for your brochure

  • Brochure Layout and Content Inputs

    The Basic Layout including the number of brochure pages is finalized and then content provided by the client is organized in those pages. Each brochure page should be designed to reflect the products and services being offered through the brochure.

  • Convey a Good First Impression with your Brochure Design

    Brochure designs need to fit in with the client business. A newly launched product should be showcased on a separate brochure page or separate brochure itself. This will publish its exclusivity and help you cash in on the demand for that product. The brochure should clearly convey what exactly your products or services are, and not keep the customer guessing about your products.

  • Contact us - sales@auxanographicdesigns.com

Professional Brochure Design Agency

A great brochure design will make people want to know more about your company, your products and services

Auxano Designs specializes in Designing Corporate Brochures, Flyers, Magazine Product Catalogue Design and Exhibition Brochure Designing Services

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Why get a Brochure Designed


Brochures Make Business Sense

  • Brochures are designed to demonstrate your business services.

  • Businesses use brochure prints to illustrate their products for selling.

  • A well-formatted and descriptive brochure can be a Stepping Stone for your Business.

  • A Brochure widens your business popularity and enriches the business growth.

A guide to paper weights for print brochures

All About Paper Grammage – Which one Suits Best?

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When it comes to deciding on your print brochures the type and weight of paper can often be one of the last things you decide on. Getting your design right and filling it with content and images is often the first thing you will sort out. After all this is done, you might actually start to think of the printing of your brochure. Before you think of printing your brochure there are a number of things you need to consider:
:- How will it be stitched together?
:- What type of paper do you want to print on?
:- What weight of paper do you want to use?
:- Will you decide to coat the paper or leave it uncoated?

Deciding on the paper to use within your brochure will impact both on the cost and quality of your brochure and this is something you need to consider. You don’t want to go to the trouble of spending a lot of time and money in designing your brochure only to print it on really light, thin paper. Deciding on the right paper weight for your brochure is important and it can also add some value to what it is you are offering if you opt for a nice coated finish. The quality of the paper used to print your brochure will often provide the first impression for your customer. Before they even turn the cover page they may make a decision based on the perceived quality of your chosen paper. The lighter your paper is, the more likely it is to tear easily or get damaged when damp.

Below is a guide to different paper weights for you to consider when printing. Paper weight is measured in grams per square metre or GSM as it is more commonly known. This allows you to understand the weight of paper. In general, the higher the GSM rating the heavier and thicker the paper will be.

Paper for your Brochure ( in GSM)

• 80 – 100gsm: This is the general weight of standard office paper and would rarely be used in brochures.
• 110 – 120gsm: This weight is usually used with stationary paper for things such as letterheads and compliment slips.
•130 – 170gsm: Heavier, more durable paper usually used for posters, leaflets, flyers and pages inside your brochure.
• 170 – 200gsm: This is the midway point between paper and card. It can be used for brochure covers and is great when used for more luxurious posters or quality double sided flyers.
• 200 – 250gsm: This paper weight is the starting point of heavier card (board) and can add a quality finish to a brochure if used as a cover.
• 300 – 400gsm: Anything over 300gsm falls into the board category and this is usually the weight at which business card’s start. Board can be used as a cover for brochures but it’s important to remember the stitching and folding implications of using heavy board as a cover.
• 400gsm and above: Some luxury business cards are printed on weights up to 1200gsm. Business cards would be considered thick and very good quality at above 400gsm.

Be sure to consider the weight of paper on the inside and also your cover requirements. If you want to provide a quality professional finish then opting for heavier paper is your best choice. If you are looking to get across the idea of discounts and value for money then you may decide to run with a lighter paper weight throughout the brochure. Make sure when your customer lifts your brochure that they aren’t let down by the type and weight of paper that you decided to go with.

Digital Brochure Making Basics


  • Brochure Size Matters:

    A4, A5, landscape, portrait, square, rectangular there is lots to consider when it comes to deciding on the size and shape of your brochure. We can advise on how an innovative promotional material can make you so distinctive that your prospective clients won't be able to resist your offers..

  • Bold and Beautiful Images:

    The best brochure makers incorporate images that are eye-catching and a total fit for your brand. We won't be dropping in any old stock image that we've grabbed from a low quality online gallery, we'll work with you to source strong images that will speak volumes.

  • Digital Brochure Size:

    The Final Output Digital Brochure should not be such a big PDF file that prospective clients cannot download your literature. We have seen brochure makers provide big PDF files to clients that are not web-optimized. In today's Digital world, every client requests brochure to be made specifically for website, email or even Whatsapp promotion and distribution. As Brochure Makers, we need to make sure that the digital brochure is just the right size for distribution without compromising on quality

  • Create Urgency to Act:

    Use limited-time offers and discounts such as "call now" or "order today" to urge the reader to act.

  • Contact us - sales@auxanographicdesigns.com



Whenever we start the brochure making process, we understand that in today's Digital World, the Brochure Designs would invariably need to be manipulated and complimented for our clients to satisfy and feed their various social and digital media channels. An active Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+ Profile would need regular inputs of quality graphic content to attract and sustain visibility.

    Auxano Designs specializes in Designing Corporate Brochures

    Auxano, leading Brochure Design Company in India. We are your one-stop-shop for Business Brochure Design and Marketing, Trifold Brochure Design, Product Brochure and more.

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A Guide to Print Finishes

Finish and lamination option to choose when printing. Read our basic guide to find out more.


Paper Finish Guide – Matt vs. Gloss vs. Silk and Lamination – Matt vs. Gloss Lamination


Paper Finish Guide – Matt vs. Gloss vs. Silk and Lamination – Matt vs. Gloss Lamination

Matt vs. Gloss vs. Silk - Paper Finish Guide

Matt Finish - Matt paper is the most popular type of home or office paper. It is used for a wide range of printing  from letters and forms to essays, corporate stationery and more. It is easy to write on and does not reflect light.

Gloss Finish - Gloss paper commonly used for Catalog, Magazines, Brochures, and Flyers. Gloss paper is often used for color printing and is a good choice for photo printing. It is smooth to touch and shiny. However due to the reflective nature of the paper, it can show fingerprints more easily than matt paper.

Silk Finish - Silk paper popular choice for Product Catalog, Brochures, Leaflets and Posters. A silk finish is essentially half way between matt and gloss  its smooth to touch and less reflective. Its a great all-rounder.

Lamination – Matt vs. Gloss

Matt Lamination - Matt Lamination currently available for document covers and posters. Matt lamination helps improve durability and enhance the look of your product.

Gloss Lamination - Gloss Lamination helps enhance the colour and provides extra durability for your print. Similarly to matt lamination, gloss lamination is available for both document covers and posters.

Auxano's Brochure Designing Services


Brochure Designing Services from Auxano

  • :- CREATIVE Brochures

  • :- ELEGANT Brochures

  • :- OPTIMIZED Brochures

  • :- Exhibition Brochures

Graphic Designing Services from Auxano

Beautiful Brochure-designing Services

Call Us Today and get started by allowing our enthusiastic design team to create your next high-impact marketing brochure that will leave your competitors in the dust. Our rates are extremely competitive for the quality we deliver and our customer service is second to none.

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