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Pamphlet Design Services

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We design and execute creative and highly impactful Pamphlet according to your company's established brand identity, thereby customizing the entire look and feel of your Corporate Pamphlet. This company Pamphlet also sets the tone for your new Corporate Brand identity. Our expertise in designing Pamphlet & catalogs can be a stepping stone for your business.

Auxano provides Industrial / Company Pamphlet Designs at affordable cost to small and growing businesses whether it is Manufacturing Pamphlet, Travel Pamphlet, Real Estate Pamphlet or Exhibition Pamphlet. We strive to deliver brochures that keep your clients and readers engaged with outstanding designs and captivating information. Company Pamphlet are the best medium for providing information to your customers about all your products and services.

A guide to paper weights for print Pamphlet

All About Paper Grammage – Which one Suits Best?

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When it comes to deciding on your print Pamphlet the type and weight of paper can often be one of the last things you decide on. Getting your design right and filling it with content and images is often the first thing you will sort out. After all this is done, you might actually start to think of the printing of your Pamphlet. Before you think of printing your Pamphlet there are a number of things you need to consider:
:- How will it be stitched together?
:- What type of paper do you want to print on?
:- What weight of paper do you want to use?
:- Will you decide to coat the paper or leave it uncoated?

Deciding on the paper to use within your Pamphlet will impact both on the cost and quality of your Pamphlet and this is something you need to consider. You don’t want to go to the trouble of spending a lot of time and money in designing your Pamphlet only to print it on really light, thin paper. Deciding on the right paper weight for your Pamphlet is important and it can also add some value to what it is you are offering if you opt for a nice coated finish. The quality of the paper used to print your Pamphlet will often provide the first impression for your customer. Before they even turn the cover page they may make a decision based on the perceived quality of your chosen paper. The lighter your paper is, the more likely it is to tear easily or get damaged when damp.

Below is a guide to different paper weights for you to consider when printing. Paper weight is measured in grams per square meter or GSM as it is more commonly known. This allows you to understand the weight of paper. In general, the higher the GSM rating the heavier and thicker the paper will be.

Paper for your Pamphlet ( in GSM)

• 80 – 100gsm: This is the general weight of standard office paper and would rarely be used in Pamphlet.
• 110 – 120gsm: This weight is usually used with stationary paper for things such as letterheads and compliment slips.
•130 – 170gsm: Heavier, more durable paper usually used for posters, leaflets, flyers and pages inside your Pamphlet.
• 170 – 200gsm: This is the midway point between paper and card. It can be used for Pamphlet covers and is great when used for more luxurious posters or quality double sided flyers.
• 200 – 250gsm: This paper weight is the starting point of heavier card (board) and can add a quality finish to a Pamphlet if used as a cover.
• 300 – 400gsm: Anything over 300gsm falls into the board category and this is usually the weight at which business card’s start. Board can be used as a cover for Pamphlets but it’s important to remember the stitching and folding implications of using heavy board as a cover.
• 400gsm and above: Some luxury business cards are printed on weights up to 1200gsm. Business cards would be considered thick and very good quality at above 400 gsm.

Be sure to consider the weight of paper on the inside and also your cover requirements. If you want to provide a quality professional finish then opting for heavier paper is your best choice. If you are looking to get across the idea of discounts and value for money then you may decide to run with a lighter paper weight throughout the Pamphlet. Make sure when your customer lifts your Pamphlet that they aren’t let down by the type and weight of paper that you decided to go with.

Different Types of Pamphlet


Online Pamphlet Design Services

It’s a fact that colloquial classifications are there. However, in general, we can classify business Pamphlet into five types — Answer the Query, After Sales Pitch, Post Box, Sales Kit and Over the Counter. We shall have a look on these different types to get a clear idea.

:- Answer the Query Pamphlet: Just as the name says, this type of Pamphlet can answer the queries raised by your targeted customers. So, when you get a customer who is interested in your product, you can send the Answer the Query Pamphlet to him or her. It works as an effective way to drive the customer into the buying process. He/she will find enough information about products, services or the company itself. So, an Answer the Query Pamphlet should answer almost all the questions your customer may ask. It should show the price, features and what not.

:- After Sales Pitch Pamphlet: As a part of your business, you will have to meet several clients/customers and pitch your sales ideas before proceeding. Along with the verbal marketing that you do, you have to leave something attractive with the customer. The After Sales Pitch Pamphlet is intended for that purpose. In this Pamphlet as well, you have to mention about your products, advantages and other aspects that can draw attention. In short, the After Sales Pitch Pamphlet should leave a lasting impression on a customer.


Post Box and Sales Kit Pamphlet Maker Company

:- Post Box Pamphlet: Post Box Pamphlet aren’t that unique in terms of content. It’s just that these Pamphlet are sent to the customers via post or other methods. It’s a form of mass marketing to attract people into it. In most cases, Post Box Pamphlet is accompanied by some kind of marketing letters, promotional deals or invitations. This Pamphlet types give importance to the products being described rather than the company culture or other stuff.

:- Sales Kit: In terms of content, Sales Kit Pamphlet is similar to the After Sales Pitch one. These are Pamphlet are meant to help your customers purchase well. Product details and regarding information are provided in an easily-readable manner. In most cases, these Pamphlet have bigger layouts.

What’s to Include in Your Company Pamphlet

To build an effective, converting and successful Pamphlet, it should include certain information. Now, let’s list out some of the elements that your Company Pamphlet should include.


Include in Your Company Pamphlet

A Uniform Design Philosophy

As we said, a Pamphlet is a kind of visual marketing tool. It should be able to attract user attention in the first glance itself. So, instead of using colors according to your fancy, the Pamphlet should rely on a particular Design Philosophy. The best example we can take is of the Apple Inc, whose designs and promotions are minimal in terms of design. Likewise, you can find a suitable design technique for your intended products, services or the business identity. This is a must-have factor, because people may get distracted from the Pamphlet otherwise.

Projection of Unique Selling Point

Every successful product or service comes with a Unique Selling Point. This is what makes your products different from a huge number of competitors. So, keeping the same logic, the Pamphlet should reflect this USP. In short, you have to answer a commonly asked question — why should I purchase your product? This USP needs to be included in the principal part of your Pamphlet so that it receives ample attention.


Pamphlet maker and Design Services

Crispy, Concise Information

We have already told you that a business Pamphlet needs to include sufficient information about products or services. It’s to be noted that this information is arranged in a readable and concise manner. In the shortest number of words, you can say what your products are about and why they should purchase. There is no point in blabbering out there about products or services. Alternatively, you should have some effective points to second your purchase Call to Actions.

A Well-Placed Call to Action

Call to Action is now popular in the Digital Marketing field, where people follow the lead and purchase products. But, we would say Pamphlet started this trend. Even when you provide enough information about the products/service, Pamphlet is useless until there is a well-placed Call to Action. The Call to Action needs to be placed in the principal areas, receiving unique attention in the first place. It’s up to you to use the certain words in CTA, but those words should make people buy what you propose.

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