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Company Logos


Company Logo establishes the crucial first impression of your Business.

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Best Company Logo Designs


Understanding the COMPANY LOGO

A company logo is the symbol or design created and adopted by an organization to identify its products, services. Thus, the Company Logo is the Visual Representation of the Company.
A Company Logo Design is an important area of any company, and one of the most difficult to perfect. The Company logo is the image embodying an organization. Company logos are meant to represent companies' brands or corporate identities and foster their immediate customer recognition. Keep in mind that the company logo enhances potential customers and partners' crucial first impression of your business. A good company logo can build loyalty between your business and your customers, establish a brand identity, and provide the professional look of an established enterprise.
A Company logo is a Graphic mark, emblem, or symbol commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition. Company Logos are either purely graphic or are composed of the name of the organization.

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What we do?

Before you get set to design your logo, we ask for a few details – your business goals and your expectations from the logo. Once you know that, we impart our years of knowledge and experience to create an insignia for your company – one that describes your firm and creates an eternal impression on the onlookers.

Role of a Logo

Role of a Logo

A logo gives a visual image to a company, building brand awareness. It stays in the minds of the customers as the symbol of the firm.

Our USP!

Our USP!

We love keeping our feet grounded and thus we use simplest of the brightest creative ideas relevant to your company's areas of operations, goals, and objectives to come up with an exceptional logo designs.

Why Us?

Why Us?

Client satisfaction is our main concern and we never compromise on that


Great Design, Amazing Results!

New Vision Digital has experience working with organizations of every shape and size across the world from our office located in India.

Creative, focused and effective - that’s what we are! Our graphic designers can help you create an impressive logo design for a brand new product or website utilizing our extensive experience in designing graphics for print, packaging and digital mediums. Our work is targeted to meet your business objectives. Our services are scalable and tailored offering guaranteed satisfaction to our clients.

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Video: Company Logo establishes the crucial first impression of your Business. Corporate logos are intended to be the "face" of a company

company-logoss We are the creative and professional logo designer. Logo as per your Requirements http://auxanographicdesigns.com/contact-us

Best Company Logo Designs


Captivating and Appealing Logo Designs by Auxano Digital


It requires a clear idea about the concept and values of the brand as well as understanding of the consumer or target group. Broad steps in the logo design process might be formulating the concept, doing an initial design, finalizing the logo concept, deciding the theme colors and format involved. Company Logos and their design may be protected by copyright, via various intellectual property organisations worldwide which make available application procedures to register a design to give it protection at law.
In today's digital world, a Company Logo will be formatted and re-formatted from large monitors to small handheld devices. With the constant size change and re-formatting, logo designers are shifting to a more bold and simple approach, with heavy lines and shapes, and solid colors. This reduces the confusion when mingled with other logos in tight spaces and when scaled between media. Social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are examples of companies using such simplistic logos.


Importance of Logos in Business



Logos are a critical aspect of business marketing. As the company's major graphical representation, a company logo anchors the company's brand and becomes the single most visible manifestation of the company within the target market. For this reason, a well-designed logo is an essential part of any company's overall marketing strategy.

There are basically three kinds of company logos. Font-based company logos consist primarily of a font-type treatment. Examples of Font-Based Company logos are the logos of IBM, Microsoft and Sony. Second Type of Logos are logos that literally illustrate what a company does, such as when a graphic designing company uses an illustration of brushes and colors in its logo. And finally, there are abstract graphic symbols - such as Nike's swoosh tick - that has become the Company's Brand Identity


    Logos for startups can be the most important part of their branding exercise. For an early stage and bootstrapped startup venture, you’re clearly scraping by with little money to spare -- so you cannot think of spending hundreds of dollars on a logo. Auxano can be your Digital Marketing and Branding partner at this stage. We can be your affordable logo designer that can offer you multiple design ideas based on your concept and business domain. At this stage you don’t really know your brand and brand connection yet, largely due to the fact you haven’t had enough time and interaction to develop it among your customers. Once you are into a year or two in your business and understand the demographics of the people you want to connect to, you can always further develop and re-define your logo. The idea for you should be to get a logo that is both highly creative and visually representative of your brand.


Company Logo - Design Basics


  • Consider the Purpose of the Company Logo:

    Corporate logos are intended to be the image of a company. They are graphical displays of a company's unique identity, and through colors, fonts and images these corporate logos provide the essential information about a company that allows customers to identify with the company's core brand. Logos are also a shorthand way of referring to the company in advertising and marketing materials; they also provide an anchor point for the various fonts, colors and design choices in all other business marketing materials.

  • Logo Design Principles:

    Good logos should be unique and comprehensible to potential customers. Although there are myriad choices for color, visual elements and typography, in general a logo should help convey some information about the company, or be designed in a way that gives some sense of meaning about the company or its industry. For example, cutting-edge firms and tech companies tend to have angular logos to convey speed, while service-oriented firms have rounded logos to provide a sense of service and trust.

  • designing-the-perfect-company-logo-for-your-business-website

    Contact Auxano for Designing your Company Logo

  • Company Logo Creates Brand Identity:

    Logos are the chief visual component of a company's overall brand identity. The logo appears on stationery, websites, business cards and advertising. For that reason, a well-designed logo can contribute to business success, while a substandard logo can imply amateurishness and turn off potential customers. However, a logo should cohere well with other aspects of a company's visual presentation: No logo, however well designed, can look good when surrounded by contradictory graphical elements or inconsistent fonts. This is why a company logo is the basic unit of a larger brand identity that includes company fonts, colors and document-design guidelines.

  • Return on Investment on a Company Logo:

    As consumers grow to know, like and trust a specific brand, they are more likely to respond positively to successive encounters with a logo--potentially leading to increased sales or improved mind share within the target market. In addition, a well-designed logo implies a degree of professionalism and competence that could help steer potential new clients toward selecting the business rather than a competitor with no or substandard logos.

  • logo-for-new-mold-and-die-maker-metallummolds

    Company Logo for New Mold and Die Maker - METALLUMMOLDS

  • Logo Design - Common Mistakes:

    Small businesses often play it fast-and-loose with their company logos, paying insufficient attention to their proper size and positioning and surrounding them with materials--including clip-art - that compete with them visually. Avoid re-creating different types of logos for specific purposes (e.g., letterhead and business cards) or having similar-but-not-identical versions for print and online purposes.

  • Similar Logo Designs in Complimentary Colors:

    All Designed Logos should be provided in complimentary colors for showcasing on light or white backgrounds as well as dark or black backgrounds.

  • logo in black with white background
    logo in white with black background

    Complimentary Color Logos for Displaying on Varied Digital Backgrounds


Choose a Logo that represents your Organization

Is your Business Missing an Identity?

Professional Custom Logo Design at Affordable Price

Our Logo Design Service will get to know your business, then create a logo that fits your style. We'll then provide high-resolution files that will work anywhere – Printing, Website etc

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Logo Design for New Startups

New Logo Designs for the Digital Age

We have been approached by a growing number of start-ups for designing their company logos. We are bringing innovative ideas for these customers and designing logos which they can carry forward for the next 20 years. In this Digital Age, company logos also have taken a modern turn. Our clients are now requesting for company logos with a twist.

Contact us - (+91) 971 774 4224

Logo Shape


We Design your Company Logo in Different type of shapes - Square, Circle, Rectangle, 3D, Circles, Ovals, Ellipses, Straight edged logo, Triangles, Jagged, Angular

The Application of Shape

A logo functions as a symbolic and graphic representation of the main features of a company, a product/service, or a website. It is the single element which can provide feedback to the customer base. When creating a logo for any media it needs to instantly connect the target customers to a particular company or product. Furthermore, the logo we create should be easily understood and memorized by everyone. The human mnemonic value is one of the most important considerations when it comes to creating a successful logo.

We offer Different type of shapes for your Company Logo design - Square, Circle, Rectangle, 3D, Circles, Ovals, Ellipses, Straight edged logo, Triangles, Jagged, Angular

Not only is color important aesthetically, but shape is too. Complicated shapes will make it difficult for potential customers and clients to see the drawing and understand the message. What many people do not understand is that shapes too can be used to convey different messages. In terms of logo design, shapes can do the following:

:- Help separate & connect information in an organized manner

:- Represent different ideas

:- Add texture, depth and movement

:- Express different moods and emotions

:- Highlight different areas and points of interest

:- Take the eye across different elements

Logo Shapes have an element of psychology to them

:- Geometric shapes are easy to recognize and suggest organization, efficiency and structure. Further, the symmetry of geometric shapes suggests order
:- Organic shapes with their irregular form are viewed as comforting and pleasing and can express spontaneity. The use of organic shapes in logo design adds interest and can emphasize an overall theme
:- Abstract shapes are often over stylized or simple versions of organic shapes and can be found in the form of letters or icons. Despite their interpretive nature, abstract shapes are near often universally recognized.
:- Vector Shapes used in logo - A brilliant vector logo design displays philosophy and objective of the company, and it must be tailored to communicate specific values and ideals in an instant. The final outcome of your vector logo design is a result of your instruction and creativity of the designer.

The combination of shape and color can allow you to express a message in a way that would be difficult through words alone. Therefore getting these two elements right is essential to the success of a logo. When you do consider shape and color, consider that the logo should also be conformable in the sense that it should be able to be displayed in black and white without altering the message.

Visual Logo Design


Visual Logo Design Principles of Designing a Logo - Iconic logo, your Logo Conveys Service or only name

Logo design is all around us. To the general public, logos serve as an instant reminder of a company or a product; to the client they're the point of recognition on which their branding hangs and to us designers they represent the challenge of incorporating our clients' ideologies into one single graphic. How do you create something original that stands out in a sea of identities? And how do we create something quickly while retaining quality?

We'll first look at the basic Visual Logo Design Principles of Designing a Logo
:- Iconic
:- Iconic + Text
:- Iconic +Text + TagLine
:- Iconic + Tagline

Contact us About your LOGO

We ask one more thing, your Logo should convey the service, like -
:- Hillsion Shoes
:- Flipkart
:- Auxano Graphic Design
:- Gold's Gym


Visual Logo Design Principles of Designing a Logo - Iconic logo, your Logo Conveys Service or only name

Your Company Logo Conveys Name only like -
:- Samsung
:- Jaguar Conveys Service
:- Star Plus Conveys Service
:- Apple does not Conveys Service


Animated Logos like the one above, can make your Brand Stand Apart in the Digital Age and Social Media Platforms. By utilizing our services, we can help you in the design of various different image graphics related to your logos which can be customized as header images for your social media platforms. Obvious to say, the possibilities are endless.


Logo designed for our Integrated Digital Marketing Customer - Industrial Valves Store

Logo Representing a Brand and it's Products

The Stylish Zeal Artistry Logo was designed to showcase the modern fabric designs now available to the new generation women. The client loved the logo for the new startup company and the logo is now part of all their company branding and website designs.

When we design a logo from the beginning for a startup company, we discuss and evaluate what products or services the company is interested in offering. The logo design is done after ascertaining the logo requirement, the logo should be kept abstract or provide comprehensive product information by just looking at the logo.


Logo designed for our Customer - Designer Fabric House - Zeal Artistry


Contact Auxano for Logo Designing Today

Auxano has been instrumental in designing and creating logos for many startup companies. When you have an idea and have already penned down the idea on your scratch-pad, then it's time to contact Auxano to establish a concrete logo for your company. The logo can then be used for designing all your company stationary like visiting cards & letter-heads, catalogs, flyers, pamphlets for distribution, website designing and much more.


Contact Auxano for all Logo Making Requirements

Video: Creating your Company Logo

Video: Creating an Exquisite Company Logo

Auxano offers Company Logo Designs for Developing Corporate Branding.



Make your Brand Evergreen

Every industry experiences changes in trend and style based on whatever is popular during a given time period. This can be seen most clearly through a company’s logo and how it evolves throughout it’s history. No business can survive solely off of how recognizable their logo is forever, and eventually there comes a time where it needs to be reevaluated and redesigned. We can give the face of your brand an inspiring new look, and show your audience that you are in touch with the changes in your industry. For companies that have come a long way since their early days, our designers can finally help give your logo the attention it deserves and redesign it to fit the future of the brand.


Modernized Traditions

Your logo is an important part of the image of your business. If your company has been around for a long period of time, a drastic change can often be an intimidating proposition. Our designers work with you to modernize your logo, while still maintaining the traditions that you and your customers value. We understand that your logo needs to display some consistency, whether it be through color, concept, or design, and we will help you find a balance that is just right.


Rebrand Through Redesign

If you are redesigning your logo, you are inherently rebranding your business. However, that shouldn’t be considered a bad thing. An updated logo can say a lot about your company that your old logo wasn’t able to. This allows you to discuss and show many new things as a business, and as a ripple effect your branding needs to supplement that. Your logo is the very core of your brand. We will collaborate with you in order to maintain your company’s essence, while modernizing your overall look that will positively lay the foundation for future marketing efforts.


Supply and Demand

If you are not seeing the conversion rates you think your business deserves, changing something as simple as your logo can be exactly what your company needs. We will work to keep your brand recognizable to your existing customers, and appealing to your potential new ones. If you are a larger business that is hesitant to “fix something that isn’t broken,” our designers can help you create subtle alterations and updates to a logo that keeps your company identifiable. Often you can suggest more to an audience with small changes than a complete overhaul of your brand’s image. If you are looking for a refreshing new look for your logo, or just a slight redesign, we can help you achieve it the right way.

Best use of Logo

This section provides suggestions on how the logo for Right to Information may be used for creating awareness across various media – both outdoors, and inhouse stationary. The LOGO is first and best components of a visual identity. A Logo is only a part of the overall visual identity. A visual logo is designed but an identity is created by consistent use of the logo and various design elements over a period of time across several applications related to the organisation.

You will make your Brand Identity with your company logo. HOW? Don't worry we will explain you. You Should use logo in all promotional material in the visual media. Company Logo helps visual interface with your target users.

Important Area...
:- Business Cards
:- Envelopes, Letterhead
:- Promotional Material Brochures, Flyers, Advertisements, Posters Hoardings etc
:- Vouchers and Bills
:- Environmental Design such as Interiors and Signage Systems
:- Vehicles and Uniforms
:- Exhibitions
:- Digital Brochure, PDF and HTML eMailer
:- Social Media Posts - Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram header and Background

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Print Design...
:- Flyers - Single Page
:- Brochures - Multipage
:- Posters
:- Annual report or other multipage industry booklet
:- Magazines, Newsletters
:- Vehicles and Uniforms
:- Advertising – Small Yellow Pages / magazine adverts etc
:- Advertising – Large Banners, Billboards etc
:- Labels, Stickers, Packaging Design, Book Design

Contact us

:- Company or Organisation Name
:- Business Cards
:- Stationery Letterheads, Invoices etc
:- Signage – Indoor ∓ Outdoor
:- Web Design
:- Images for an existing website
:- Email template
:- Advertising for Web
:- E-newsletter
:- PPC Adwards
:- Promotional Material Brochures, Flyers, Advertisements, Posters Hoardings etc

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Visual Logo Design Principles of Designing a Logo - Iconic logo, your Logo Conveys Service or only name

How to choose a colour scheme for your logo design

The human mind is highly responsive to visual stimuli, and color is one of the major defining factors in that response. On both a conscious and subconscious level, colors convey meaning not only in the natural world but also within the artifice of our culture. your Graphic designers need to harness the power of color psychology to bring resonance to their designs and in no field is this more important than that of logo design. The use of color can bring multiple layers of meaning, from primitive responses based on millions of years of evolved instinct to the complex associations we make based on learned assumptions. Companies can use these responses to underline and accent their branding messages.

Every color, including black and white, has implications for logo design. As a Graphic Designing Company, we suggest you need to pick your colors carefully to enhance specific elements of the logo and bring nuance to your message with the use of shade and tone.

In general terms, bright and bold colours are attention-grabbing but can appear brash. Muted tones convey a more sophisticated image, but run the risk of being overlooked. More specifically, particular meanings are ascribed to different colours in society...


Signification of color in your logo design

:- Red implies passion, energy, danger or aggression; warmth and heat. It has also been found to stimulate appetite, which explains why it is used in so many restaurants and food product logos. Choosing red for your logo can make it feel more dynamic.

:- Orange is often see as the colour of innovation and modern thinking. It also carries connotations of youth, fun, affordability and approachability.

:- Yellow requires cautious use as it has some negative connotations including its signifying of cowardice and its use in warning signs. However it is sunny, warm and friendly and is another colour that is believed to stimulate appetite.

:- Green is commonly used when a company wishes to emphasise their natural and ethical credentials, especially with such products as organic and vegetarian foods. Other meanings ascribed to it include growth and freshness, and it's popular with financial products too.

:- Blue is one of the most widely used colours in corporate logos. It implies professionalism, serious-mindedness, integrity, sincerity and calm. Blue is also associated with authority and success, and for this reason is popular with both financial institutions and government bodies.

:- Purple speaks to us of royalty and luxury. It has long been associated with the church, implying wisdom and dignity, and throughout history it has been the colour of wealth and riches.

:- Black is a colour with a split personality. On the one hand it implies power and sophistication, but on the other hand it is associated with villainy and death. More mundanely, most logos will need a black and white version for use in media in which colour is not available – and there is currently a trend for bold monochrome logos and word marks.

:- White is generally associated with purity, cleanliness, simplicity and naiveté. In practical terms, a white logo will always need to stand in a coloured field to make it show up on a white background. Many companies will choose to have a coloured version and a white version of their logos; for example, the Coca-Cola word mark appears in white on its red tins and brown bottles but is used in red when needed on a white background.

:- Brown has masculine connotations and is often used for products associated with rural life and the outdoors.

:- Pink can be fun and flirty, but its feminine associations means it is often avoided for products not specifically targeted at women.

Custom Logo Design Services

Make sure customers notice you; get a logo that jumps off the page.

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Single or multiple colors?


Single or Multiple Logo color Design Services

To get the maximum impact of your chosen colour's coded message, We normally stick with a single colour when creating a logo design. That said, there are some very successful multi-coloured logos, think of Google, Windows or eBay.
The implication of multiple colours is that these companies are offering a wide choice of products and services. The multiple colours used for the Olympic rings carry a message of diversity and inclusion​

What are the dimensions
for making a logo for the first time

First, there is no standards "dimension" for designing a logo however you may think about logo but your logo size always matter. Your project decides your logo Dimension. Confused?? Don't Worry we explain you. if you design your logo for Website header, Social Media images, header - 400px to 600px size perfect but you have something small printing job, you need hight quality ( more than 1000px ) and it should be in CMYK colour. If you have more bigger job like roadside banner and hoarding, you need bigger logo (1500px to 2000px)

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