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How to Make an Infographic

Data Collection - Data Analysis - Data Visualization - Marketing

Our Infographics help end users in Understanding Complex Business Data Easily and Visualize it to the Instinctive Level. These Business Infographics use Simple Graphics, Designs and Symbols to Communicate the Data.

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How to Make an Infographic

How to Make the Perfect Infographic


Infographic: How to Make an Infographic that Engages with your Customers

Any Business Infographic starts with Data Collection followed by Data Analysis to filter out important data that can be represented through the Infographic. Once the Data is analysed and only relevant data is filtered, we move with the Infographic Design. We understand your Business and design vectors and objects that showcase the products and services that you offer. Integrating these vectors and objects with the collected data is the Key to Making an Infographic.
Infographics are quickly gaining popularity in the corporate world and are been looked as the easiest way to showcase huge amounts data. These infographics help end users in understanding complex data easily and visualize it to the instinctive level. The infographics use simple graphics , designs and symbols to communicate the data.

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We explain in Simple 4 steps


Infographic: Collection of your Data your site, blog, many more ways.

Data Collection for Infographic, Data Analysis and filtering for Infographic, Data Visualization for Infographic and finaly Infographic Marketing

Step 1: Collect Your Data or Content

Our first step is to collect the Data or Content we'll be using to populate your infographic, and choose an infographic template appropriate for representing that data of Infographic. We utilize these Important Data or Information related to your Infographics to Make an Infographics for your Brand. We have an expert Data Analysing Team. You can either Collect third Party Data, or use your own Original Data. If you use Third Party Data, just be sure you properly cite your sources - just like in any other good piece of Content. who are ready to embrace comprehensive research techniques, explore data and statistics which are the key concepts in designing a compelling infographic.


Collection of your Data Information and Statistics Collected together.

To keep your Infographic uncluttered by a ton of different source URLs, a great way to cite your sources is to include a simple URL at the bottom of your infographic that links to a page on your site listing the individual stats used in your infographic, and their sources - such as the blog post you're using to publish your infographic. This way, your infographic looks clean and professional, yet people will still be able to access the sources no matter where the infographic gets shared or embedded. It may also even drive visitors back to your site!


Analysing the Data and Segregating the Important Statistics


Analysing the Data and Segregating the Important Statistics for Infographical Representation.

Step 2: Analysing the Data and Segregating the Important Data

Data visualization is viewed by many disciplines as a modern equivalent of visual communication. It is not owned by any one field, but rather finds interpretation across many. Information Graphics or Infographics are graphic Visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly.

A primary goal of data visualization is to communicate information clearly and efficiently to users via the statistical graphics, plots, information graphics, tables, and charts selected. Effective visualization helps users in analyzing and reasoning about data and evidence. It makes complex data more accessible, understandable and usable. Users may have particular analytical tasks, such as making comparisons or understanding causality, and the design principle of the graphic (i.e., showing comparisons or showing causality) follows the task.
Data visualization is both an art and a science. The rate at which data is generated has increased, driven by an increasingly information-based economy. Data created by internet activity and an expanding number of sensors in the environment, such as satellites and traffic cameras, are referred to as "Big Data". Processing, analyzing and communicating this data present a variety of ethical and analytical challenges for data visualization.


Grab Viewer Attention through Business Infographics.

Creating Business Infographics is not a Child's Play

Business Infographics are Great Marketing Tools, but designing them requires both subject matter undertanding and a passionate and creative designing team. The problem is that infographics look like they were simple to make are often anything but that. Creating something appealing and instantly understandable can be easily achieved by engaging Expert Infographic Creation Services by Auxano.

Whether you're after likes, shares, or google +1s, infographics have great virality on Social Media. For example, on Twitter - Tweets with images receive 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites and 150% more retweets. We help brands to Leverage the Power of INFOGRAPHICS For Engaging Social Media Platforms.

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Creative Infographic Design Company India

Users love to absorb information quickly, and a good infographic design helps them achieve that goal.

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Grab Viewer Attention through Business Infographics.

Step 3: Best Captivating and Visually Pleasing Infographic

Infographics are gaining popularity as a widespread data sharing application among businesses. Infographics have the unique ability to help users digest large quantities of data easily and understand key concepts. Using custom designed Infographics your users can connect with your brand information on an instinctive level. Infographic Designs have brought data visualization to the mainstream audience. These can easily serve as data sifting tools that churns your data and pulls out the essentials from complex statistics. A visually stunning and profound infographic design can easily convey complicated information and present it in a lucid and engaging manner.

We leverage infographics to build brands and share the buzz about emerging technologies and the latest business trends. Our infographic designing team adopts extensive research practices to cull out the information, data and statistics required to create a compelling infographic.


Social Media Marketing Expert


Spread the Word Through Twitter Facebook and other Major Niche Websites.

Step 4: Spread the Word Through Twitter Facebook and other Major Niche Websites

You could spend months creating the most awesome infographic, but if no one knows that it exists, then you've wasted your time. You actually have to share it for it to do well. When it comes to social media sharing, the first thing you should do is publish your infographics in a blog post and then support that post through social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. This is basically a press release that is optimized for social media sharing. It will be a great complement to your optimized press release.

Almost every Business out in the market today, needs to explain to their customer exactly what they stand for and how their process works. A 'Gym Apparel' customer recently asked to design an infographic for their Brand. Basically, the Infographic will list all the highlights of their brand, their strengths in their niche field of 'Gym Apparel' and convey the various business verticals of their operation. Another Infographic Design can showcase the ease of buying, shipment methods and return policy for the customer. Although every brand in the business might have these policies, but your Brand can stand out by showcasing them in an Infographic.

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Types of Infographic

9 Types of Infographic

Did you know that there are about 9 types of infographic. But what do all these different types of infographic mean? And which ones should you choose? In this page, We’ll go over every type of infographic and show you some examples for each one.


Statistical Infographic

Statistical Infographic

Statistical infographics are infographics that are focused on data visualization with graphs, tables or numbers. This type of infographic is used when you want to communicate metrics, or tell a story with numbers. This is a very common type of infographic template and is widely used in both consumer and Business Infographics. Examples of usage: Surveys, Data driven stories or news, Business reports, and Statistics on a subject matter or event.


Informational Infographic

Informational Infographic

Informational infographics are infographic templates that are mainly about conveying text based information. These include informational posters, “listo-graphics”, presentations, brochures and instructional guides. Informational infographics summarize text information into easy to understand points using iconagraphy, illustrations, lists or bullet points and images. Information design is incredibly important to meld all these elements together to form a compelling infographic. The majority of infographics produced are usually of this type as informational infographics can be used for many different uses. Everyone from the White House to school children use a variation of this type of infographic.


Timeline Infographic

Timeline Infographic

Timeline infographics are infographics with a timeline as its focus. Timelines are useful when you’re trying to tell a story or convey information over a chronological time period. Timelines can also be used to feature information in a sequence, or to show the progression of a subject matter over a time period. You can also use timelines as a reference point for another set of data by combining it with other visual elements such as imagery, iconography and charts.

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Process Infographic

Process Infographic

Process infographics show a flow of information via either a linear or branching sequence. As its name suggests, you can use this type of infographic to describe a process flow. Examples include guides with connected steps such as How the VA Loan Process Works and How Google Indexes your Website. Process infographics are also popular for creating “Which Type of Personality are You” infographics (à la Buzzfeed quizzes), such as this one about your whiskey personality type.


Geographic Infographic Design Services

Geographic Infographic

Geographic infographics display location based information. The obvious example of this is a map based infographic. Geographic information can be conveyed by highlighting or shading different parts of a map (called a choropleth map) or by overlaying shapes on top of the map, such as a bubble map chart or a Sankey diagram. In fact, combining geographic based information with another data set can drastically enhance the impact of the information. The most famous example of this is Joseph Minard’s infographic depicting Napoleon’s Russian campaign of 1812. The diagram shows the number of soldiers at the start of the march (the thick band on the left) and the devastating losses when they reached Moscow (the narrow band on the right). You might have noticed the other data dimensions such as dates, location, distance travelled, temperature and long/lat conveyed with the main data set, which is the number of soldiers.

Creative Infographic Design Company India

Users love to absorb information quickly, and a good infographic design helps them achieve that goal.

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Comparison Infographic

Comparison Infographic

Comparison infographics mainly compare and contrast two different “things” or “types” (objects, brands, places, categories, versions, theories,..etc) . This type of infographic can highlight the differences or similarities, the pros and cons, and serve as a guide for choosing between two different “things”. Popular examples include the “this versus that” type infographics (ie, Android vs iPhone) and buying guides. Comparison infographics are popular in consumer marketing and used to compare new products all the time.


Hierarchical Infographic

Hierarchical Infographic

Hierarchical infographics visualizes data into different levels. This type of infographic serves a very specific purpose and is used to show how information is organized into different levels and how each level is connected to another. The most common visualization for hierarchy is to use a pyramid chart (which you can find our tool). Here are some examples:


Interactive Infographic

Interactive Infographic

An interactive infographic is more a feature of an infographic rather than a different type. Interactive infographcis, as you can imagine, are web based and interactive. This type of infographic usually encourages the user to explore and discover the information in interactive visualizations. Most of the best interactive infographics and visualizations require custom coding (and considerable design and user experience skills). Check out some of our favorites below (click on the images to view the interactive version).


Animation Infographic, Motion Graphics & Video Infographic

Motion Graphics & Video Infographic

The last type of infographic is the motion graphic or video infographic, which is also sometimes called the animated infographic. The main feature of this type of infographic is that they are not static visualizations. The charts, text, illustrations and other content are animated. Longer forms of animated infographics are certainly videos, but there are also shorter gif ones that loop forever. Here are a few examples.

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8 Infographic Tips That You Wish You Knew Years Ago

    It used to be that you could get major attention just by using infographics.

    Today, that's not the case. Everyone is making infographics. Now, you've got to make infographics that are better than the next guy's infographics. That's not easy to do.

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Make an Infographic for your Target Audience - 9 Best Jobs.

1. Create your infographic for your target audience.

Coming up with an infographic idea is half the battle to creating a killer infographic. And the way to come up with great infographic idea is to figure out what your audience wants. The Infographics with the most traction, most attention, and most virality, are ones that meet your target audience right where they want it most.

One mistake that We've seen people make when creating an infographic is that they try to choose something that is generically popular rather than specifically relevant to their audience.

This infographic has a target audience — 9 Best Jobs Infographic. Our Goal is to create an infographic for your audience, not necessarily for the whole world. Keep it specific, relevant, and targeted.


Infographics are always Better when they are Simple.

2. Keep it simple.

One of the advantages of infographics is that they can distill advanced ideas into a simple visual form. But the inherent advantage of infographics can be their demise. An infographic can become needlessly complex, creating a mind-numbing cognitive overload rather than an "Oh, I get it" experience.

Like everything else in life, infographics are better when they are simple

Simplicity Wins. Always.

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This Infographic Focused on Web Designing.

3. Keep it focused.

Simplicity, discussed above, is ultimately about focus. Don't just make your infographic a potpourri of facts and figures. Make it a streamlined and focused on a single topic.

Infographics are not attempts to randomly assemble all the data you can compile. Instead, an infographic is intended to drive a single, focused point.

This infographic is focused on a single topic - Web Designing

    Do you want to represent your company in a creative way?

    An infographic represents information visually with the intention of presenting complex information in a way that the person will easily and clearly understand.



This Infographic Show you, how to make an Visuall Infographic.

4. Show things visually.

We've seen infographics that are short on the "graphic" and long on the "info." The best infographics are ones that have a good balance of visual information with written information.

This Infographic uses a few Perfect icons and an good Image related to Content. To qualify for the "graphic" in infographic, this is good example.

This Infographic Show you, How Visual Content is more Effective than any Text ?


This Infographic Show you, Visual Content is more Effective than Text.


Spread the Word Through Twitter Facebook and other Major Niche Websites.

5. Promote it..

If you want your infographic to explode in popularity, you will have to promote it. You do so in the same way that you'd promote any other valuable piece of content:

:- Reach out to influential sources in your niche and ask them to feature your infographic.

:- Make your infographic shareable with social plugins.

:- Ask users to share it.

There are a lot of great infographics out there languishing in obscurity, because the creators never took the time to promote it. Don't let your infographic die that soon. Promote, promote, promote.


We Make infographic easy to view

6. Make it easy to view.

Sometimes, an infographic gets lost in its resizing. The designer makes it huge, then the developer has to downsize it. In the process, the readability gets lost. Many infographics have a variety of font sizes. Make sure that the smallest font on your infographic can be seen without too much difficulty.

This Infographic is Easy to View every Small Details. This is Perfect Example for how make an Infographic. The infographic should be easy to read and view, whether the user clicks to enlarge or not. 600 pixels wide is a good width to aim for.

    stunning Infographic Design Company

    Order stunning Infographic Designs that won't cost the earth. Crisp, clean and visually attractive to catch the eyes of your audience. Their ability to help users digest large quantities of Data easily.

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    7. Make it a manageable length and size.


    Make it a Manageable Length and Size for Infoghraphic.

    Infographics are supposed to be big. We get that. But go too big, and you'll start losing people. We recommend a limit length of 8,000 pixels. Anything longer, and you'll start to presume upon your user's attention span.
    This infographic, at 24,575 pixels, is probably approaching too long.

    Along with a length limitation comes a necessary size limitation. Users might be on a slow connection, so be courteous, and keep your infographic to 1.5 MB.

How to make a Good Infographic Tip - Create a killer Headline for your Infographic

8. Create a killer headline.

Your infographic's headline is extremely important. This principle is the same as with a great blog article. The infographic doesn't get any attention if it doesn't have a great headline.

Good headlines will have these features:

:- They describe the infographic

:- They grab the user's attention.

:- They are short enough to understand at a glance. 70 characters is a good length.

If you don't have a powerful headline, your infographic simply won't get viewed. That's all there is to it.

Auxano has been providing basic yet customizable Infographic Creation Service to our business clients. We aspire to remain leaders in the industry and believe this can only be accomplished through consistent infographic designs with transparency and accountability with our clients.

So whether you want to explain your buying process to your customers or showcase you demographic strengths to your world-wide audience, you can contact Auxano for a simple yet highly captivating and effective Infographic.

    Infographic Design Studio

    We are a Creative Design Studio that specializes in corporate presentation Design Services, Character Animation PPT and Infographic Designs for startups.


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