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Making High Quality Infographics

Stunning Infographic Designs

We take your data and after analysing it, we make a stunning Infographic from that information. We can make charts and graphs for digital marketing avenues.

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Infographic Maker

Making of An Infographic !!


Infographic: Simple Chart showing percentage of Cotton Candy Sales Based on Age.

How to Go About Making a Good Infographic

To Make a Good Infographic, we need to learn - how to visualise development data. Organisations across the world are increasingly making the use of Infographics based on maps and charts for connecting with their customers. In today's digital age, these organizations are getting access to large sets of data, which when refined and filtered can provide numerous insights into customer engagement and retention.

An e-commerce based retailer can easily make infographics depicting the best products and how they are getting sold (demographics based on territory, age, gender and quantity) to showcase the strength of the product and their brand. This infographic can serve as a review to numerous other customers who can be easily acquired by the making and deployment of this Simple Infographic.

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Making Infographics:
Summarized Data Presentation


Make Infographics to Grab Viewer's Attention Easily.

Make Infographics to Grab Viewer's Attention Easily.

Infographics are simply visual representations of information. This Data Visualization through Infographics implies that sets of data will be displayed in a unique way that can be seen, rather than read as text or tables. The aim of any good Infographic creation should be that this data visualization in not left up to interpretation. A good Infographic Maker should make sure that their infographics are designed in a way that provides a universal conclusion for all viewers. In the simplest terms, Infographics are contructed using charts and graphs and specialized icons that can replace large chunks of text.

    Auxano : Killer Infographic Maker

    We specialize in infographic design for both print and digital formats. Users love to absorb information quickly, and a good infographic design helps them achieve that goal.

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Making Eye-Catching Infographics

Eye-Catching Infographic Services

Today's infographics are far more eye-catching than the simple pie charts, line diagrams and bar graphs. The Infographics that we make today can collect and compile many different data representations into one cohesive piece of "Eye-Catching Infographic".

Big corporate and government institutions are embracing the power of Infographics. Brands like USA Today, The New York Times, Google and even US President are getting behind them. Infographics are becoming a powerful tool for disseminating large amounts of information to the masses.

Do you need an Infographic Maker?


Best Infographic Maker Services

Best Infographic Maker Services

Companies large and small are making highly creative infographics to build their brands, educate their audience and optimize their search engine ranking through social link-building. This is why designing a good infographic is a must, as the infographic design could mean the difference between landing a big client and losing them entirely.

The making of a Good Infographic is not the same as designing a website, flyer, brochure or catalog. We have seen that even the best designers, cannot execute an effective infographic design. Creating infographics is a challenge and requires a mindset that does requires logical and statistical mind. The Design Team @Auxano has gained this mindset through practice and by sticking to certain basic design tools and standards.

While making an Infographic, the most important aspect is to respect and understand data. We understand and analyze data which helps us in visualizing the data in a format which makes it simple for the customer to understand the objective of the infographic effectively.

Some Simple Rules we Follow while Making your Infographic:

The Knowledge / The Data;

The foundation for making any good infographic is Data. As an Infographic Maker, you may or may not determine the concept and compile all of the research for the final design, but either way you are responsible for turning that information into a visually stimulating, cohesive design that tells a story and that doesn't miss a single opportunity to visualize data.

We start by collecting and analysing your data. This data could be a spread of your online consumers, this data could relate to your geographical reach, the data could relate to how social media is being engaged by your social media profiles, this data could represent the data-set of consumers who can be easily tapped by reaching out to them. We can additionally help your organization in collecting all this data through various online and offline channels. A visual data representing your target keywords for google search and your current reach for those target keywords can immensely help your SEO efforts.

Data Analysis


analysing the data and segregating the element statistics

Data Analysis;

Once your have the data and all the statistics with you, comes the important task of analysing the data and segretating the important statistics for Infographical Representation. Data analysis can also yeild very important result that might sometimes get lost in the enormity of the data being referenced. You can understand consumer behaviour and startegize your marketing initiatives to augment the penetration of a particularly well performing product.

    Infographic Designs for your Business

    Our Infographic Design Services include delivery of well-polished and graphically appealing infographic designs that suit your online business needs

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Data Visualization & Representation

Data Visualization & Representation

Infographics are effective because of their visual content and representation. Humans receive input from all five of their senses - sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste, but they receive significantly more information from vision than any of the other four senses. As per studies, fifty percent (50%) of the human brain is dedicated to visual functions, and images are processed faster than text. The brain processes pictures all at once, but processes text in a linear fashion, meaning it takes much longer to obtain information from written text.

We illustrate this pattern by showcasing the 10 Best Jobs of 2015 as per BusinessInsider and Forbes.


Marketing Services for Professional Like - Doctors, Chartered Accountants (CA's), Lawyers, Engineers, Architects, Financial Advisors


Marketing Services for Professional Like - Doctors, Chartered Accountants (CA's), Lawyers, Engineers, Architects, Financial Advisors

Creative Infographic Design Company India

Users love to absorb information quickly, and a good infographic design helps them achieve that goal.

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The above picture shows the information as presented in text or tables on the Business Insider website. Now, once we analyse and decode this data, we can represent this very simply in the form of a very narrative infographic as shown below:

The Infographic above not only showcases the best jobs data in a very easy to understand and compact format, it additionally is giving out information about each job profile subtly though the job images thus presenting large and sometimes complex data and keywords into more simpler human-recognizable Infographic Format.

Best use of Infographics


Infographic used by Designers on Resumes as a way of visually careers

8 ways use Infographics

Big data is one of the largest idea trends of 2016, and the biggest question surrounding it has been figuring out the best way to interpret it all. Infographics are graphic visual representations of data that are intended to present complex information quickly and clearly.

A recruiting tool

Infographics have long been used by designers on resumes as a way of visually simplifying their careers and highlighting specific skill sets in utilizing their own design style. At some point, recruiters realized they could use infographics to do the same thing but in reverse.

The infographic below was designed to recruit for a project management position and summarizes the skill set of an ideal candidate while also effectively communicating facts about the company itself.


Presenting Survey Data

Presenting Survey Data Infographic

Infographics are highly useful for presenting results gathered from survey data. Statistics and numbers can overwhelm a lot of audiences, and therefore lose much of their significance. When organized in an infographic it becomes much easier to quickly draw meaning from data, as is evident in the example below.

It’s clear that design is “Very Important” to businesses (data that supports the need for infographics!) and that blue is the color most associated with success. Had this information been presented in a spreadsheet they would have most likely been much less impactful and not as easily understood upon first glance.


Explaining how something works

Explaining how something works through Infographic

In addition to simplifying complex ideas, infographics are often used to reveal the mechanics behind how intricate objects work.

Skilled designers can create infographics that pull apart complex products like cameras, iPhones, and clocks, and graphically explain their core features. The simplicity of the designs makes it easier to explain the function of each piece. In the example below, Auxano went so far as to add an element of fantasy to each product, feeding into the reader’s imagination while accurately revealing how they work.

Best Infographic Design Firms : Auxano

THE Infographic Design Agency offers Custom Infographic Design and Data Visualization Services.

Infographics are gaining popularity as a widespread data sharing strategy among businesses. Their ability to help users digest large quantities of data easily

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Comparison Infographic Design Services

Comparisons Infographic

When drawing comparisons, infographics help organize similarities and differences by visually creating parallels that complement the information being presented. Comparisons can be difficult to express with words, sometimes to the point of being more confusing than revealing to the audience.

By presenting the same information in a neatly organized infographic, comparisons become clearer. Earlier this year, a series of infographics compared how the price of being a superheroes has changed from the year they were created to 2013.The infographics were effective because they made use of the changes in each superhero’s costume as a visual starting point.

    Creative Infographic Design

    Super Cool Infographic Designs can promote your brand easily on social media and generate lot of website customers.

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Interesting Facts Infographic Design services

Infographic for Interesting facts

There are lots of interesting facts that aren’t quite interesting enough to be organized in simple lists. When displayed in an infographic, these facts can be brought to life. The designer’s interpretation of the facts, and how they should be organized, can attract readers and turn a previously uninteresting list or story into an engaging and enlightening piece of art.

Facts related to showers are a perfect example. Showers are used (almost) every day by (almost) everyone, but if the information below were written as a paragraph it would most likely slip by unnoticed. However, when displayed as an infographic, the designer can organize relevant interesting facts into a visually appealing series digestible chunks that catch the eye and draw in an audience.


Raise Aware through Infographics

Raise awareness through Infographic

There is a lot of important information that is often dry or unpleasant, but that needs to be communicated to raise awareness of issues or concerns.Infographics can make information more interesting to read and more likely to be shared.

The example below is an infographic about pool safety and drowning, essentially a wealth of very important information about a slightly morbid but very real hazard. The typography, illustrations, and color palate all soften the presentation of the information while still effectively communicate its importance.

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Inform Consumers

Inform consumers

Consumers prefer making informed decisions so that they can be assured that they are spending their money wisely on something that will fit their needs. Businesses can instil confidence in their customers by presenting information that is relevant to purchasing decisions in easily accessible ways.

When planning an event, one of the greatest difficulties is making sure there will be enough food for the party. This infographic simply illustrates the different cake shapes and the number of servings each will yield. The cake shapes are instantly recognizable and help facilitate the purchaser’s decision to go with one cake over another. There are so many other stresses associated with entertaining and an infographic that helps make at least one decision a little bit easier.


Leverage a Holiday Season

Leverage a Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, brands scramble to produce relevant celebratory content that’s still original. So, why not try an infographic?

The infographic below deconstructs the elements of a traditional Christmas dinner, offering little tidbits about everything that can be found on the table. Additionally it combines line drawings with photos of the food, an artistic style that differentiates the infographic from other holiday marketing. Come dinner time on the 25th, it’s not too difficult to imagine the little annotations as lines on the family tablecloth, informing everyone of the history behind the dishes they are about to enjoy.

Why you Should Invest in
Making Infographics


Infographic Making Summary: Why you Should Invest in Infographics Immediately?

Some More Beautiful
Infographics from Auxano


Auxano made an Infographic to Showcase the use of Whatsapp as Social Networking App.

WhatsApp messenger is arguably the most successful smartphone app. The number of WhatsApp messages sent every day now exceeds the number of standard texts. Last year it handled more than 7 trillion messages, about 1,000 per person. Tech veterans may recall the "browser wars" of the late 1990s—the last time a successful programme, Netscape's Navigator, tried to oust a dominant platform, Microsoft's Windows. The messenger wars may be just beginning.


Auxano made an Infographic to Showcase the use of Whatsapp as Social Networking App.

An infographic collating the best jobs and salaries data from Forbes and BusinessInsider. The idea was to describe the relevant work through the infographic in case some people were not aware of the job titles being used to represent the best jobs. We have seen people struggling to understand what's an Actuary or Audiologist or Staistician. The infographic was designed keeping the world-wide target audience in mind.


Auxano made an Infographic to Showcase the use of Whatsapp as Social Networking App.

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a new paradigm of web designing aimed at showcasing websites for optimal viewing and interaction experience. Resposive Web Design or RWD encompasses that all websites should support easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices - from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones. With this Responsive Web Design Infographic we aim to showcase that the Web is becoming more accessible by portable and wireless devices and therefore Responsive Web Design for all exisiting websites has become critical.

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