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Marketing Illustrated - Printing Fliers for Exhibitions

Flier or Leaflet can provide all the essential information in one place for people visiting you at an Exhibition.

Auxano understands that you need a well-designed Corporate Look Flier for your special marketing event.

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Exhibition Flier and Mailer Design

Exhibition Distributed Flier Designs


Marketing and Promotion Through Exhibition Fliers

The Flier and Catalog Design Service can be utilized by small or large businesses to create stunning posters or fliers for distribution in an exhibition. These fliers can be used for posting in local newspapers. The flyers or posters designed by us could also be used to design and print large banners for displaying your products and services. The banners and fliers we design are keeping in mind your products and your target audience.

    Stand out from the crowd with a professional Business Flier

    We olffer Eye-Catching Flier Design, Custom Flier Designs, Corporate Flier Design, Leaflet Design and Custom Exhibition Flier Design

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Professional Flier Design Services

  • Fliers are excellent promotional tool for your product or service. They are largely accepted during offer or sale. As a flier design company, Auxano creates stunning attention demanding graphics for companies of any size and any need. If you are looking for a flier company that can help with everything from the planning of your flier, to the design, copywriting, photography, printing, make Auxano your first call.

  • When it comes to any flier design, Auxano approaches the project much the same way as we do for our much acclaimed Infographic Designs. Our skilled flier designers believe in sticky eyes concept that generates leads. We begin by discussing with the client and preparing a thorough briefing document, which tells us exactly what you are looking to promote and who your target audience is. Using this background information.


Flier & Catalog Services Exhibition

An important aspect of Designing Fliers through Auxano is our strength to convert the same Flier Design into Interactive Emails, which can then be deployed to your entire customer email list as invitations for your Exhibition. The images and graphics designed for the Flier can be easily used in an Optimized Mailer Design. The Flier Design can also be shared easily on your Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. We believe that each and every design can be used as a stepping stone for your Digital Marketing Campaign including Social Media Marketing, Digital Advertising, Search Engine Optimization and Website Development.

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Exhibition Flier - Paper Weight Guide

Which Paper Thickness (GSM) Do I Need?


This is lowest paper thickness and is often chosen as a low cost option for home or office printers.


it's standard white paper for colour printing. It is often used for letters, compliment slips, forms & surveys etc.


120gsm paper is a better quality option offering less transparency. Its good for professional documents such as reports, presentations, CVs etc.


160gsm bridges the gap between paper and card. It is a thicker paper option offering extra durability. Ideal stock for brochures and quality flyers.


170gsm silk paper is used for our large format posters (A0 to A3 size). 170gsm gloss is a popular choice for leaflets, calendars, placemats and more.


200gsm paper is heavier stock ideal for document covers. like Flyer Cover, Brochure Cover, Catalog Cover

250gsm - 280gsm

250/280gsm is thicker still and commonly used for postcards, greetings cards, invitations and brochure/booklet covers etc.

300gsm - 350gsm

300gsm is classified as board stock and is perfect for business cards, loyalty cards, appointment cards, book marks and other print jobs requiring a thick or luxury finish.

A Guide to Print Finishes for Exhibition Flier

Finish and lamination option to choose when printing. Read our basic guide to find out more.


A Guide to Print Finishes for Flyer – Matt vs. Gloss vs. Silk Finish


Paper Finish Guide – Matt vs. Gloss vs. Silk and Lamination – Matt vs. Gloss Lamination for Exhibition Flier

Matt vs. Gloss vs. Silk - Paper Finish Guide for Exhibition Flier printing

Matt Finish - Matt paper is the most popular type of home or office paper. It is used for a wide range of printing  from letters and forms to essays, corporate stationery and more. It is easy to write on and does not reflect light.

Gloss Finish Flier - Gloss paper commonly used for Catalog, Magazines, Brochures, and Flyers. Gloss paper is often used for color printing and is a good choice for photo printing. It is smooth to touch and shiny. However due to the reflective nature of the paper, it can show fingerprints more easily than matt paper.

Silk Finish Flier - Silk paper popular choice for Product Catalog, Brochures, Leaflets and Posters. A silk finish is essentially half way between matt and gloss  its smooth to touch and less reflective. Its a great all-rounder.

Lamination – Matt vs. Gloss finish Flier

Matt Lamination - Matt Lamination currently available for document covers and posters. Matt lamination helps improve durability and enhance the look of your product.

Gloss Lamination Flier - Gloss Lamination helps enhance the colour and provides extra durability for your print. Similarly to matt lamination, gloss lamination is available for both document covers and posters.

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