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Marketing Illustrated - Printing Flyers for Exhibitions

Flyer or Leaflet can provide all the essential information in one place for people visiting you at an Exhibition.

Auxano understands that you need a well-designed Corporate Look Flyer for your special marketing event.

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Exhibition Flyer and mailer Design

Exhibition Distributed Flyer Designs


Marketing and Promotion Through Exhibition Flyers

A Flyer is essentially an advertisement that you design, print and distribute in an exhibition or tradeshow that your are participating in. A Flyer can, in a very small amount, showcase the strenghts of your organization as well as list all contact nodes for your company. Flyers are a wonderful marketing tool, but if not implemented correctly they can waste your money.

When it comes to any flyer design, Auxano approaches the project much the same way as we do for our much acclaimed Infographic Designs. We begin by discussing with the client and preparing a thorough briefing document, which tells us exactly what you are looking to promote and who your target audience is.

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    We olffer Eye-Catching Flyer Design, Custom Flyer Designs, Corporate Flyer Design, Leaflet Design and Custom Exhibition Flyer Design

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Flyer Design And Marketing Services

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Flyer - Paper Weight Guide

Which Paper Thickness (GSM) Do I Need?



This is lowest paper thickness and is often chosen as a low cost option for home or office printers.



it's standard white paper for colour printing. It is often used for letters, compliment slips, forms & surveys etc.



120gsm paper is a better quality option offering less transparency. Its good for professional documents such as reports, presentations, CVs etc.



160gsm bridges the gap between paper and card. It is a thicker paper option offering extra durability. Ideal stock for brochures and quality flyers.



170gsm silk paper is used for our large format posters (A0 to A3 size). 170gsm gloss is a popular choice for leaflets, calendars, placements and more.



200gsm paper is heavier stock ideal for document covers. like Flyer Cover, Brochure Cover, Catalog Cover



250/280gsm is thicker still and commonly used for postcards, greetings cards, invitations and brochure/booklet covers etc.



300gsm is classified as board stock and is perfect for business cards, loyalty cards, appointment cards, book marks and other print jobs requiring a thick or luxury finish.

Professional Flyer Design Services

The Exhibition Flyer and Catalog Design Service

The Flier and Catalog Design Service for Exhibitions

The Flyer and Catalog Design Service can be utilized by small or large businesses to create stunning posters or flyers for distribution in an exhibition. These flyers can be used for posting in local newspapers. The flyers or posters designed by us could also be used to design and print large banners for displaying your products and services. The banners and flyers we design are keeping in mind your products and your target audience.

An important aspect of Designing Flyers through Auxano is our strength to convert the same Flyer Design into Interactive Emails, which can then be deployed to your entire customer email list as invitations for your Exhibition. The images and graphics designed for the Flyer can be easily used in an Optimized Mailer Design. The Flyer Design can also be shared easily on your Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. We believe that each and every design can be used as a stepping stone for your Digital Marketing Campaign including Social Media Marketing, Digital Advertising, Search Engine Optimization and Website Development

Flyers are most often used for..


A flyer is also rightly known as a leaflet or a handbill. A flyer is one piece of paper, usually the standard size of 8 ½" x 11" (A4). Flyers are best for small scale marketing, or when you have a small region to cover. Flyers are a cheap way to get info out to a large number of people. The purpose of a flyer is to offer a small amount of information for a limited time at low manufacturing costs.
▪ Announcements of events, especially concerts or club openings.
▪ Product info, such as specs for a new car.
▪ Fact sheets handed out at trade shows or conferences.
▪ To follow up after an initial sales contact.
▪ Flyer used in direct mail campaigns as the follow-up to a postcard that was mailed out to generate interest.
▪ Inserting them in local newspapers.
▪ Handing them out to your targeted market to promote your product, service, or organisation.
▪ Flyer useful in business communications.
▪ To educate, inform, persuade, or entertain your intended audience.
▪ To advertise a meeting or specific event.
▪ To popularize your slogans and messages.

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