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Newsletter Designing Services

Sharing News, Sector Updates, Critical Features, Case Studies....

Professionally Designed Newsletters with Optimized Graphics & Images can Build a Brand Image for your Products/Services.

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Newsletter Designing & Sending Services

Newsletter Design Services for Digital Marketing


Your Newsletter Designing Services

How can Newsletter become an important part of your Digital Marketing Activities

We can develop customized websites for Doctors, Chartered Accountants (CA's), Lawyers, Engineers, Architects, Financial Advisors, Actuarial Process Teams, Photographers and many more professionals.

You have zeroed in that to increase sales and leads, you will need to send e-newsletters to your prospective customers. Now comes the task of creating, designing, optimizing and sending that newsletter.
The newsletter can be about new product launches, how your products or services can benefit potential customers or just a simple holiday / festival greetings to keep in touch with all your prospective customers. You can count on us to design that perfect newsletter highlighting all your major achievements with a valid call-to-action and very efficient and optimized designs to attract and retain your potential target customer.

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Interact directly with your customers

Grow with one of the most trusted Internet Marketing Companie

Increase your leads with a company Newsletter. Learn how to start a Newsletter campaign from the pros! We'll handle your monthly Newsletter

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Biggest advantage of a Newsletter

Biggest advantage of a Newsletter

A Newsletter gives your organization the ability to write to your readers (customer, prospective clients, vendors, shareholders etc.) directly and with no middle-men or platforms.

Social Media posts may sometimes get lost in the clutter of information but a nicely designed newsletter with useful information is sure to reach your prospective client.

    Email Newsletter Design and Sending Services

    An effective email newsletter performs many duties. It helps you stay in touch with existing customers and nurture relationships with prospects.

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Newsletter Designing in HTML for eMail Distribution

But how do you make your newsletter stand out? Where do you find the time and resources to commit to regularly developing, writing, producing, sending and tracking a quality email newsletter?
Let the professionals handle it for you. Most of our clients tell us they used to spend 20, 40 or even 60 hours a month on their newsletters before switching to Auxano’ email newsletter production.

Design, Colors and Layout

Be creative in your newsletter layout and choice of fonts and colors but keep it consistent with the content and purpose of the newsletter.

Anchor Tags

While mentioning links to another website from the newsletter, it is important to consider the following so as to improve the look of the hyperlinks in the newsletter.

Additionally, while creating hyperlinks, do remember to mention 'target="_blank"' in all hyperlink tags so that the email client won't move from the currently opened document while clicking the links in the newsletter.


Images in your Newsletter

Images in your Newsletter

The includes images in the newsletter will need to maintained on your hosting server. You'll also need to link these images directly from the server while writing the HTML code for your newsletter.

Additionally, all the styling and layout factors for the image should be mentioned in line (CSS alongwith HTML) with the img tag in the HTML for the email newsletter template.


Promotional e-Newsletter

Promotional Newsletter

A promotional newsletter can be easily sent to current or prospective customers.

The promotional newsletter strives to turn prospects into customers and customers into repeat customers.


Design Colors and Layout of e Newsletter

Be Creative in your Newsletter

Remember that your newsletter should not entirely be made up of images. Images are part of the main content, but always include the cruz of your information as plain text so that even if the newsletter images are stipped by an email client, still your reader can understand the point you want to convey in your newsletter.

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e-Newsletter Content - We Write Meaningful Text, Readable Fonts and Interesting Content

Newsletter Content

An effective newsletter design should include information of interest and of value to the recipient whether or not they use your services or buy your products.

Before we list the newsletter ideas, however, there’s one important thing to keep in mind: You need to think like an editor.
Why? Because magazine and newspaper editors are pros at coming up with content ideas. They know that the best way for their publication to engage readers and attract new subscribers is to produce a variety of diverse, interesting content. The same is true for your company newsletter.


Unsupported CSS Elements in eMail Newsletter

Unsupported CSS Elements in Email

It is important to consider the elements supported and unsupported by email readers while designing the newsletter. The use of unsupported elements might spoil the design when views in certain email clients. Though there are lot of unsupported features, inline CSS is still acceptable in many forms.

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Offer Web-Based Views of your Newsletter

Offer Web-Based Views of your Newsletter

It is important to provide your reader with an option to view your newsletter in their supported browser. Offering another HTML version on the Web will give your readers a sense of ease and compatibility. How you go about to set up the external HTML page is entirely upto your thinking. Some customers prefer to dedicate an entire blog post to duplicating the e-mail's content, maybe with some additional information and links. This can increase the broad-base content of your website and ultimately increase your Search Visibility (SEO).

Other's will want us to create a separate page off the main website without any direct links to the website navigation. This method can be beneficial since readers won't be distracted by your main website template or sidebar content..


Your Newsletter Designing Services

Most effective Newsletter for your customers

The Auxano Team can strategically develop the most effective newsletter messages for your customers. Maximize your Newsletter click-through rate and conversions with a branded and visually appealing custom newsletter that reflects your unique brand. You can count on Auxano to design your newsletter and we believe that the sky is the limit for what can be included and achieved with newsletters.

  • Our designed newsletter code can be easily uploaded to the email provider of your choice.

  • A Customized Seasons Greetings Newsletter is a great way to showcase your commitment towards your customers.

  • Managing and Updating your Content is quite simple with our Newsletter Templates.

  • We can additionally, create a Customized Newsletter Template which you can continue to send out to your customers.

  • Contact us - sales@auxanographicdesigns.com

    Best Size of for HTML Newsletter

    Best Size of for HTML Newsletter

    Ideal Size of Business e-Mailer Design

    You’ve probably noticed that the majority of email newsletters you receive these days are designed with a fixed width as opposed to a fluid layout. This is because the majority of Newsletter clients and web-based Newsletter providers don’t use the full width of your screen to display an Newsletter message. Whether it’s advertising on Gmail, a menu in Outlook.com or your Inbox in Outlook, a chunk of screen real estate is often already being used.Remember, your recipients are busy and impatient, so horizontal scroll bars are even more of a no-no in Newsletter than a web page. Because of this...


    It is a good idea to keep your Newsletters to a fixed width of no more than 550-600 pixels. This should ensure that in the majority of cases, your subscribers can view your Newsletter as you intended.

    What about height?

    Obviously the height of each Newsletter you send will vary depending on the amount of content. At the same time, it’s good to keep in mind that a lot of your recipients may scan your Newsletter in a preview pane before they decide to read the entire thing.The average preview pane is around 300-500 pixels high, so make sure you include any important bits of your Newsletter in this area. First impressions count. A good way to check how your Newsletter looks in a variety of Newsletter readers is to use our design and spam testing tool, which gives you screenshots of your campaign as it will appear.

    Online Newsletter Marketing Solution to manage subscribers
    send Newsletters, and track results.

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    Purpose of Newsletter Marketing


    Purpose of Newsletter Marketing

    There are a lot of different ideas about the true purpose of Newsletter marketing. For most, the purpose of a Newsletter marketing campaign aligns perfectly with their marketing goals. All Newsletters serve to drive sales or eyeballs on a page. But what if we reconsider the purpose of Newsletter marketing? Is there some higher goal that we can aspire to?

    We believe there is.
    While it’s pragmatic to always keep in mind the need to drive sales - there is a potentially better way to do it with Newsletter marketing than straight advertising in your campaigns. We are not arguing against including ads in campaigns, but what we are arguing for is seeing the purpose of Newsletter marketing as building a relationship with your audience. The best way to build a relationship with your audience is by valuing their time and attention more than your own or your marketing goals.

    Always strive to provide them with something of value in every Newsletter you send - whether it’s a link to an interesting article, a special deal on your latest download, or a killer discount at your brick-and-mortar. What are some ways that you can show subscribers that you value their time? Here are a few ideas:

    :- Personalize your messages - Most Newsletter service providers make this trivial to implement with hooks to add a subscriber’s name to the message. I think you should go one step further and reference where the relationship stems from in the Newsletter. A gentle reminder up front of why the are getting that Newsletter or where they signed up helps avoid confusion on their end and keeps the experience fresh in their mind.

    :- Don’t hit them with an ad right away - While it’s understood that Newsletter marketing is just that - marketing - keep the ad for later in the Newsletter if possible. For something like an agency or individual sending out campaigns, why not let them know about some cool news that might interest them before mentioning your products. Something like this won’t always be an option, but it’s cool when you can swing it.

    :- Give them something in the Newsletter - This is the big one and the best way to show subscribers that you value their time just as much as your own agenda. Point them to a helpful article you know they won’t want to miss, give away a sample chapter to your new book, or a coupon code for your service. People love free and exclusive stuff, so anything you can give like that will only help your long-term marketing goals.

    :- Ask for feedback - Why not use some of your Newsletter campaigns to solicit some feedback from your subscribers? Most people love sharing their opinions - and with it being easier than ever to set up quick surveys online - it’s not a bad idea to try to get those opinions.Asking for feedback truly shows that you value your subscribers’ opinions and helps build that all-important relationship, all while allowing you to improve your product.

    I think that once the purpose of your Newsletter campaign is redefined in the terms of building a relationship with someone then you will start to see your long-term marketing goals not only met, but exceeded.

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