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PPT Makeover that imprint your Business Ideas

Looking for a Presentation Makeover?

Get an edge over your competitors in effectively presenting your business to your clients.<

PPT Makeovers that imprint your Business Ideas!!

PPT Makeovers that imprint your Business Ideas!!

PowerPoint is regarded as the most useful, accessible way to create and present visual aids; others believe it has its own mind-set which forces presenters to spend countless hours thinking in PowerPoint and developing slides. PPTs also help you in presenting the business value propositions to your clients in a more effective manner. Having a simple corporate brochure in a presentation will not give an edge over your competitors. Its time you need to put your PPT to a makeover.


Translating your services and products into powerful business presentations

We are in a Digital World where the visuals speak the loudest. And PowerPoint presentations are the most convenient way to accommodate these visuals. Auxano is a PowerPoint Presentation design agency which specializes in designing creative presentations that tell your brand story in an impressive way to connect the customers with your organization.

Why PPT Makeover is important?

   visual impact

   audience focus

   Providing annotations
   and highlights

   Analyzing and
   synthesizing complexities

   Enriching curriculum
   with interdisciplinarity

   Increasing spontaneity, wonder
   and interactivity


Looking for a Presentation Makeover?

We create PowerPoint presentations from the scratch or we redesign and enhance the quality of the existing presentations with you. We have the entire infrastructure for faster turnaround times to deliver amazing infographic based PowerPoint presentations that are ready in time and are more professional in visuals.


A visual says a thousand words! A good multimedia can create a lasting impression among your customers and your future employees. If you are looking to increase sales or to attract newer talent, a corporate multimedia presentation can be one of the most effective and efficient tools.
• The history of the organization.
• The culture and DNA of the organization.
• The founders, promoters, management and the board members of the organization.
• The Products and Services that is offered.
• The facilities and infrastructure of the organization.

We deliver creative and Innovative solution


Our team will provide you with all the required technical expertise, content and graphics support to ensure that your presentation meets the requirements. This also ensures that the cost of development would decrease significantly while the quality of work would increase dramatically.


Effective presentations need to be balanced with the right amount of text, graphics and statistics. One solution will not fit all. While some presentations require a good amount of facts in the form of text, some might require extensive graphics. Our experts will come up with the right combination of all the elements required for an effective and effective presentation based on our experiences.


Our design experts work with our technology teams to ensure that the presentations created work on the target platforms be it on a mac, an iPad, windows client or even as a video on the web. The elements we use in our presentation will be aligned to all the platforms that would be required by you.



Our specially PPT Makeover set you apart from others and also help you to impress your target audience in better way. Our PowerPoint presentation designing services make business figures visually interesting. We are business-savvy designing with an eye for details. Our PPT makeover Team has very good knowledge in applications such as PowerPoint, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Coral Draw, etc.

• New PPT Designing Services.
• Enhancing existing PPT or PPT Makeover.
• New Template Designing.
• Custom Animations.
• Multimedia file inclusion.


Improve the Look of Your Presentation

Visual Communication has never been as important as it is now in this digital age. Creative designs help brands create impactful visual identity.

Auxano’s team of certified design experts have an eye for business designs and they have been working with customers in revamping their presentations. Visual makeover involves complete transition from an old look to a brand–new design.


Once our PPT makeover team has worked on a few of presentations with you, then even a short brief from you will be enough to get the result you want – a clean, professional looking PPT! This will be possible because our team will spend time to understand the style that you prefer, analyze your requirements and go the extra mile to meet them. We speak with authority because of our experience having delivered time and time again.


Why Auxano?

At Auxano, we work with our partner companies to first understand the business objectives. We later study the target customer profile, their background and the culture to create a presentation that would effectively communicate the brand identity and value proposition in a language the customer would appreciate.


• Content Writers
• Graphic and Voice over artists
• Video production (shooting and editing professionals along with directors)
• Industry Vertical Consultants

We work very closely with our partner company as a single team to understand the requirements and effectively showcase them. We showcase the production version to the partner company and work with them on editing the drafts till a final content comes out that is acceptable to both the client and us.


Corporate Powerpoint Presentations Makeover for food industry.

Most businesses whether small scale, medium scale or large scale, are ruled by the use of PowerPoint presentations. You may know the designing of simple PowerPoint presentations but for a successful business, you need professionally designed presentations. Possible Creatives has the most professional design experts who create presentations that are result orienting.


Corporate Powerpoint Presentations Makeover for Contractor.

The presentation is a short yet impressive way to communicate your capabilities, experience, services, success stories, and more to your client. Sometimes you need to show your customers all that you do through visual representations. Customers’ attention is not easy to get, you need to nail at your work to gain it. We design amazing presentations which instantly grab you the customers’ attention.


Corporate Powerpoint Presentations Makeover for Defence Departments.

PowerPoint presentations carry a lot of importance in the business as you need them at every stage like product presentation, corporate presentation, sales presentations, trade show presentations, and company profile representations and more.


Corporate Powerpoint Presentations Makeover for CA firms.


Corporate Powerpoint Presentations Makeover for Real Estate.