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Product Catalog Design


Designing Superior Product Catalogs
Product Catalogs | Exhibition Catalog and Flyers | Pamphlet Design | Multi-Page Catalog Designs.

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Product Marketing: Catalog Design in Printed and Digital Form


Market your Product or Service by Designing Superior Product Catalogs

Product Catalog Design in printed form plays a very important role in branding and corporate image building. A company's marketing toolkit is always incomplete without a product catalog design and your products don't generate revenue as per your expectations. We strongly believe that Catalog designing and printing should reflect an organization's strengths and its core values.

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Product Catalog Design for Corporate Image Building

A product catalog is a collection of creative, colorful pages for flipping through it to get an overall idea of the product or services offered by your organization. There are different kinds of catalog design and catalog templates available in market such as A4, square and mini catalog designs, brochure design, sales brochures, exhibition flyers and corporate identity designing packages.

    Awesome Catalog Designing Service

    Catalog Design in printed form is very important role play in branding as well as grooming in corporate image Building. We Designing Superior Product Catalogs for your Business

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Tips to get a Perfect Catalog for your Business

The Professional Designing Team at Auxano can help you to make you a product catalog that will stand out both visually as well as in terms of information passed on to the customer in a very simple and elegant manner. We approach catalog design from an infographic perspective. Our goal number one is to bring some brand establishment and retention value into the catalogs, brochures and pamphlets designed by us. The target is to catch potential customers looks and make them wonder what all information they can absorb from the catalog, what's behind those few lines of words, what they mean to me?

Custom Catalog Design Service

Auxano provide catalog must be appealing, dynamic and easy to navigate with prices and information clearly identified.

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Some of the popular catalog design packages being offered by Auxano Graphic Designs are:

  • 2-Page Catalog Design

  • 2-Page Product Flyer Design

  • 4-page A4 size Catalog Design

  • A4 Single Side Printed Catalog

  • 6-page A4 size Foldable Product Catalog



Manufacturing Products Catalog Designs for All Manufacturers

In Catalog Designing the Front Page is a very important aspect of the story that we want to tell and the brand we want to create in the user's mind. Awaking people's curiosity is what we want to achieve and what will make them look what's inside the catalog. There they will find all the information that you want to provide in clean, crisp & concise manner for them to absorb and understand fully. The catalog design should leave a long-lasting impression, so that every time they think of such products or services, they will associate it with what they saw in your product catalog!


A Product Catalog is essentially an advert that you print and distribute to your existing and potential customers. Product Catalog is a fail-safe marketing tool, but if not implemented correctly, they can waste your money.

When it comes to any catalog or flyer design, Auxano approaches the project much the same way as we do for advertising designs. We begin by discussing with the client with a thorough briefing document, which tells us exactly what you are looking to promote and who your target audience is. Using this background information, we can then answer 4 crucial questions:

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We begin by discussing with the client with a thorough briefing document, which tells us exactly what you are looking to promote and who your target audience is. Using this background information, we can then answer 4 crucial questions:
1) How are we going to design the Catalog to make it attractive to the target audience?
2) What is the basic purpose for the catalog design - to illustrate your products or casual distribution in an event?
3) How are we going to keep the reader's interested in our Catalog?
5) How do we stimulate the customers to take immediate action to call your company?

The above questions sound very easy but actually it's not so simple. A poor overall design can get you a catalog that looks bad, has the wrong layout and is not able to provide a clear call-for-action to any target audience!

catalog-design-process-discuss-catalog-requirements Catalog Design Process: Catalog Requirements Ask to expert http://auxanographicdesigns.com/contact-us
catalog-design-requirements-and-important-aspects Questions we ask every client coming for Catalog Designing Services Discuss with marketing expert http://auxanographicdesigns.com/contact-us

Catalog Design from Infographic Design Paradigms

Our expertise in Infographic Designs helps us in presenting large volumes of data, not as text but as useful and illustrative images / graphs / bars or pie charts. These catalog designs based on our unique Infographic approach will catch customer attraction faster and deliver the required results easily. The catalogs thus designed can convey the necessary information to your customers in only 4 pages where 6 pages were required earlier, thereby saving costs and development time. Our expertise in designing catalogs can be a stepping stone for your business.


Catalog Design Services: Posters, Pamphlets and Flyers

The Catalog Design Service can be utilized by small or large businesses to create stunning posters or catalog pages for distribution in an exhibition. These catalogs and flyers can be used for posting in local newspapers. The flyers or catalogs designed by us could also be used to design and print large banners for displaying your products and services. The catalogs and flyers we design are keeping in mind your products and your target audience.

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Contact Auxano to get your Catlog Designed at Cheapest Prices and Premium Quality

Send us the Text, We Will do the Rest: You can have as much as or as little input as to the look and style of your design as you like! We can include all the images of yours or source relevant stock images from our library. We believe that the design of the flyer should reflect the values and brand image of your organization.

The catalog design should be well thought of and the layout should be adjustable so as to accomadate maximum knowledge for the customer. We additionally believe that by modifying the flyer images a little we can also get beautiful images for your company social media accounts. We can provide the catalog in all image formats and all sizes for easy upload on all major social media networking sites.


Auxano: Catalog Designing Experts

We specialise in 100% unique customized Catalog Designs at affordable prices for you. Each and every product catalog design project we undertake is tailored specifically to meet your specific requirements - be it a vibrant colourful flyer for a club event, or a stylish promotional flyer for your business exhibit. As our large portfolio shows, we are very adaptable and able to produce results that will exceed your expectations.

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Online Product Catalog Designing

We are among the prominent organization in the industry for offering a wide assortment of Product Catalogue Designing Service to our valuable customers.

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Auxano: Designing Catalog for Long Lasting Product Impression

We make sure that we provide you the desired designs within your spcecified time boundaries. The flyers can be printed on quality 250gsm gloss card, we sure would be happy to send you some samples of our design works. We focus on only quality product delivered to our customer each time every time. We do not provide a substandard design service and this is why all our customers return to us time and again. Our flyer Design Service can be counted on for professional and friendly service at an affordable price and very good turnaround times!

Catalogs That Create Desire for Your Products

Catalog an important marketing tool, aim to help you maximize sales and ROI

catalogs-that-create-desire for-your-products

Catalogs That Create Desire for Your Products

Creating a Successful Catalog Design

Catalogs are an important marketing tool for your company. Customers looking at catalogs do not have the luxury of picking your products off of a shelf and examining them closely. Therefore, your catalogs need to be detailed and engaging enough to convince customers that your products will fulfill their needs.

Auxano graphic designers understand the power of catalogs. We start the comprehensive catalog design process by asking you questions about your business, goals, and target audience. Once we get to know your business well, we design a creative, professional catalog that exceeds your expectations.

Contact us - sales@auxanographicdesigns.com

Why Work with Auxano Catalog Design Team?

Whether you need a turnkey solution or specific catalog design services, AUXANO print marketing team can assist you. Although we craft visually appealing catalogs, our goal isn’t just to make your catalogs look pretty – our aim is to help you maximize sales and ROI. We work with you to determine which products are critical to your success and then figure out where and how to position them in your catalog to drive customer response. A well-designed catalog makes it easier and more pleasant for customers to shop and find what they’re looking for.

AUXANO Creative team handle your catalog design needs from the first concepts through to completion. We never use templates – all of our catalog designs are fresh and original, catering specifically to your brand. We can also help you write or edit product descriptions and print the final product.

Integrated Graphic Design Solutions That Unify Your Marketing Presence

Our services aren’t limited to catalog design. We offer a full range of graphic design services, including professional logo design, web design, trade show display design, and brochure design. If you hire us to design your catalog as well as your other marketing materials, we can create a cohesive impression of your brand and a unified marketing presence.

Communicate your brand’s message and sell more of your products with a print catalog that boasts high-quality graphics and a well-organized layout. At AUXANO, we design catalogs with a fresh look that highlights your offerings and gets your business noticed. Contact us today to learn how our catalog design services can drive customer response and give you the best possible ROI. .

Why Choose Auxano?

When you hire Auxano brochure designers, you don’t just receive a fancy-looking brochure. Our multi-disciplinary team consists of graphic designers, copywriters, and marketers who work together to create stunning brochures that achieve positive, lasting results for your business. Our brochures are on par with the engaging marketing materials that major corporations use. Whereas we have following reason to choose us -


Maximize Your Return

Create synergy between your marketing communication and sales efforts.


Flexible & Scalable Support

We are here to help in any capacity and fit into marketing roles seamlessly.


Quick Turn-around

Proven design process which helps us in delivering ideas within a week of your project approval.


Custom Design

Cutting-edge, robust and high-end. Our graphic design and copywriting talent is top-notch.

A guide to paper weights for print Catalog

All About Paper Grammage – Which one Suits Best?

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When it comes to deciding on your print Catalogs the type and weight of paper can often be one of the last things you decide on. Getting your design right and filling it with content and images is often the first thing you will sort out. After all this is done, you might actually start to think of the printing of your Catalog. Before you think of printing your Catalog there are a number of things you need to consider:
:- How will it be stitched together?
:- What type of paper do you want to print on?
:- What weight of paper do you want to use?
:- Will you decide to coat the paper or leave it uncoated?

Deciding on the paper to use within your Catalog will impact both on the cost and quality of your Catalog and this is something you need to consider. You don’t want to go to the trouble of spending a lot of time and money in designing your Catalog only to print it on really light, thin paper. Deciding on the right paper weight for your Catalog is important and it can also add some value to what it is you are offering if you opt for a nice coated finish. The quality of the paper used to print your Catalog will often provide the first impression for your customer. Before they even turn the cover page they may make a decision based on the perceived quality of your chosen paper. The lighter your paper is, the more likely it is to tear easily or get damaged when damp.

Below is a guide to different paper weights for you to consider when printing. Paper weight is measured in grams per square metre or GSM as it is more commonly known. This allows you to understand the weight of paper. In general, the higher the GSM rating the heavier and thicker the paper will be.

Paper for your Catalog ( in GSM)

• 80 – 100gsm: This is the general weight of standard office paper and would rarely be used in brochures.
• 110 – 120gsm: This weight is usually used with stationary paper for things such as letterheads and compliment slips.
•130 – 170gsm: Heavier, more durable paper usually used for posters, leaflets, flyers and pages inside your brochure.
• 170 – 200gsm: This is the midway point between paper and card. It can be used for brochure covers and is great when used for more luxurious posters or quality double sided flyers.
• 200 – 250gsm: This paper weight is the starting point of heavier card (board) and can add a quality finish to a brochure if used as a cover.
• 300 – 400gsm: Anything over 300gsm falls into the board category and this is usually the weight at which business card’s start. Board can be used as a cover for brochures but it’s important to remember the stitching and folding implications of using heavy board as a cover.
• 400gsm and above: Some luxury business cards are printed on weights up to 1200gsm. Business cards would be considered thick and very good quality at above 400gsm.

Be sure to consider the weight of paper on the inside and also your cover requirements. If you want to provide a quality professional finish then opting for heavier paper is your best choice. If you are looking to get across the idea of discounts and value for money then you may decide to run with a lighter paper weight throughout the Catalog. Make sure when your customer lifts your Product Catalog that they aren’t let down by the type and weight of paper that you decided to go with.

Different type of Catalog

By Distribution - Mailers, e-Catalog, Electronic Catalog

Contact us - (+91) 971 774 4224

Mailers Catalog-design-services-for-your-company-event Mailers Catalog Mailer in HTML Format http://auxanographicdesigns.com/contact-us
e-Catalog-design-services-for-your-company-event e-Catalog e-Catalog in JPG, PNG Format http://auxanographicdesigns.com/contact-us
Mailers Catalog-design-services-for-your-company-event Electronic Catalog Electronic Catalog in PDF Format http://auxanographicdesigns.com/contact-us
printing-purpose-catalog-in-psd-cdr Printing Purpose Catalog Printing Purpose Catalog in PSD, CDR http://auxanographicdesigns.com/contact-us

Different type of Catalog

By Content - Sales Catalog, Company Profile Catalog, Product Catalogs, Datasheets etc

Contact us About your Sales Catalog
Corporate Profile Catalog

Corporate Presentation Catalog - Company Introduction Catalog, Business Profile Catalog, Corporate Profile Catalog, Company Presentation Catalog, Business Presentation Catalog, Corporate Presentation Catalog

Every company needs a company profile. It depends on company size but most of the times, a company profile is a booklet or a large tri-fold Catalog. Smaller companies may opt for standard bi-folds or tri-folds. Company profiles are also known as business profiles, corporate profiles or company introduction Catalog. a document that describes the past, present and future activities of the company.

A typical company profile Catalog contains some of these sections: introduction/about us, history, mission, vision, member profiles, company divisions if any, products and/or services sold, industries and locations served, portfolio/company record, financial data, incorporation information, office locations, contact methods, etc.


Promotional Catalog - Sales Catalog, Advertising Catalog

A sales Catalog can be an important element of any business. A sales Catalog is a middle-point between a company profile and a product catalog. It should introduce the company briefly. However, its main focus is selling a product or service

A Catalog is an informative paper document that can be folded into a template, pamphlet or leaflet. Sales Catalog probably some of the first print materials. An effective Catalog must be read by your target market and make the reader respond as you desire. The Sales Catalog must be well-designed so it is visually appealing; well-written so it sparks the reader’s curiosity.

Event Catalog


Datasheet Catalog


We offer Catalog Design for these INDUSTRY....

• Product Catalog Services - Actuarial Firm
• Product Catalog Services - Chartered Accountant (CA)
• Product Catalog Services - Doctor
• Product Catalog Services - Law Firms
• Product Catalog Services - Fashion Industries
• Product Catalog Services - Start-Ups
• Product Catalog Services - Accounting Industry
• Product Catalog Services - Agriculture Industry
• Product Catalog Services - Animal Industry
• Product Catalog Services - Architectural Industry
• Product Catalog Services - Art and Design
• Product Catalog Services - Automotive Industry
• Product Catalog Services - Bakery
• Product Catalog Services - Banks
• Product Catalog Services - Bar and Night Club
• Product Catalog Services - Business and Consulting
• Product Catalog Services - Childcare Industry
• Product Catalog Services - Cleaning and Maintenance
• Product Catalog Services - Communications Company
• Product Catalog Services - Company
• Product Catalog Services - Computer Companies
• Product Catalog Services - Construction Companies
• Product Catalog Services - Cosmetics and Beauty
• Product Catalog Services - Dental Firm
• Product Catalog Services - Eateries
• Product Catalog Services - Education Company

• Product Catalog Services - Financial Industry
• Product Catalog Services - Floral Shops
• Product Catalog Services - Food and Drink Industry
• Product Catalog Services - Home and Furnishing Industry
• Product Catalog Services - Insurance Company
• Product Catalog Services - Jewellery Industry
• Product Catalog Services - Landscaping Industry
• Product Catalog Services - Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry
• Product Catalog Services - Photography Company
• Product Catalog Services - Physical Fitness Company
• Product Catalog Services - Real Estate and Mortgage
• Product Catalog Services - Restaurant
• Product Catalog Services - Retail Company
• Product Catalog Services - Security Firm
• Product Catalog Services - Spa and Aesthetics
• Product Catalog Services - Sport Company
• Product Catalog Services - Technology Company
• Product Catalog Services - Travel and Hotel Company
• Product Catalog Services - Wedding Service
• Product Catalog Services - Yoga Company
• Product Catalog Services - New Business
• Product Catalog Services - Renewable Industry
• Product Catalog Services - Solar Manufacturer
• Product Catalog Services - Entertainment and Arts
• Product Catalog Services - Environmental Industry

Paper Finish Guide



Matt vs. Gloss vs. Silk - Paper Finish Guide

Matt Finish - Matt paper is the most popular type of home or office paper. It is used for a wide range of printing  from letters and forms to essays, corporate stationery and more. It is easy to write on and does not reflect light.

Gloss Finish - Gloss paper commonly used for Catalog, Magazines, Brochures and Flyers. Gloss paper is often used for colour printing and is a good choice for photo printing. It is smooth to touch and shiny. However due to the reflective nature of the paper, it can show fingerprints more easily than matt paper.

Silk Finish - Silk paper popular choice for Product Catalog, Brochures, Leaflets and Posters. A silk finish is essentially half way between matt and gloss  its smooth to touch and less reflective. Its a great all-rounder.

Lamination – Matt vs. Gloss

Matt Lamination - Matt Lamination currently available for document covers and posters. Matt lamination helps improve durability and enhance the look of your product.

Gloss Lamination - Gloss Lamination helps enhance the colour and provides extra durability for your print. Similarly to matt lamination, gloss lamination is available for both document covers and posters.

    Awesome Catalog Designing Service

    Catalog Design in printed form is very important role play in branding as well as grooming in corporate image Building. We Designing Superior Product Catalogs for your Business

    Request an Awesome Catalog Design
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