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Design in PSD Format

What is a PSD (Photoshop)?


What is PSD

A PSD is a Photoshop Design file or Format. Technically, PSD stands for Photoshop Document, which is a proprietary file type from Adobe. Adobe's Photoshop is the software most widely used for Web Banner & Header, Product Catalog, Flier & Brochure Design and PSD Format is the format for Printing Purpose.

We highly recommend working with Photoshop from the beginning to ensure it will be universally accessible by designers and developers who may be involved with your project.

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    We Design you Logo, Catalog, Brochure, Visiting Card, Your Website Banner, Hoarding, Flyer in PSD printable Photoshop Formats.

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Banner & Header Design in Psd Format







Graphics Design Artwork in the wrong file format might be


Rejected by a printer

Rejected by a printer:

Most printers have their own specific file format which is suitable for printing at their end. They might use a Corel Draw (CDR) file or Photoshop (PSD) file or any other graphics design software format. The design and print functions should be compatible to get the desired output.


Incompatible with a computer

Incompatible with a computer:

Converting from one graphics design format to another might result in data loss or design colors blending. The design formats might also be incompatible for some computers. For example, a CDR file will not open on most computers but a JPEG file will easily open on most computers.


Result in slower download times

Result in slower download times:

Additionally, the size, resolution and picture quality of an image file may affect its download times on a website or mailer.


Reproduce over the Internet or on print with unpredictable results

Reproduce over the Internet or on print with unpredictable results:

Sometimes, image formats behave differently on different computers. Some might interpret the image colors differently thus producing unexpected results.

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We will provide Support to choose right Working Format

With Auxano, you do not have to worry about these working format issues. We will provide support at each and every step so that we are always recommending the right format to use for different occassions. By going the extra mile and making sure that our client has all the correct files for their new design, we strive to set ourselves apart as the trusted designer for our client's business.

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