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Beautifull HTML Designs for eMailer and Websites

We Providing HTML Web Pages & Mailer Designing Services online

Our HTML Web Page designers create Elegant, Attractive, Engaging & Mobile Friendly html Web Pages & HTML Mailer for your Business.

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Designing HTML Pages

Web or Website Page Designs in HTML


Graphics for Posting on your Social Media Platforms

How can HTML help in Designing Great Performing Web Pages?

Kindly note that just as different software programs are good at performing different tasks, different file formats are good for different purposes. For example, you wouldn't use MS Word to construct a large table of financial data; you'd use MS Excel. The same principle goes for file formats, some are suited for lower-resolution web graphics and email mailers, and others are high-resolution graphics for printing.

Customers Website Home Page Designed in HTML


Website Designing Services - This Webpage Design in HTML by US


Responsive Website Page Designed in HTML by Auxano


Website Pages Designed in Responsive HTML Coding


Mobile Friendly and effective SEO Technic with HTML Coding

HTML Web Designing Tool

  • Navigation

  • Create a consistent navigation structure that is used by all the pages in your Web site. Don't use hyperlinks inside each paragraph, to send visitors to every page of your Web. This will destroy the feeling of a consistent navigation structure. If you must use hyperlinks, add them to the bottom of a paragraph, or to the menu.

  • Download Speed

  • Sometimes developers are not aware of the fact that some pages take a long time to download. Most visitors will leave a Web page that takes more than 7 seconds to download. Test your web pages over a low-speed modem connection. If your pages take a long time to download, consider removing graphic or multimedia content.

  • Visitor's Monitor

  • Not everyone on the internet has the same monitor as you. If you design a Web site to be displayed on a monitor with a high resolution, visitors with lower resolution monitors (like 800x600) might have problems reading your pages. Make sure you test your Web site on different monitors.

  • What Browsers Do They Use?

  • Don't forget to test your Web site on different browsers. The most popular browsers today are Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. One wise thing to do when designing Web pages is to use correct HTML. Correct coding will help the browsers to display your pages correctly.

  • One HTML Code for Web Page - Display on Any SCREEN

  • It doesn't matter how brilliant your work is if people can't see it. Now everything you create should be easily accessible on any screen – desktop, tablet or mobile – without compatibility issues.

  • Effective HTML

  • The Web Page Development Team @Auxano always designs HTML Pages that are Responsive and Mobile Friendly . These Web Pages detect the screen size of the viewer's device and adjust the page layout accordingly. This functionality of Responsive Web Page Design has to be implemented in each HTML Page by designing and coding layouts that can fit to multiple screen sizes and orientations.

    Customized Mailer Designed in HTML


    Email Marketing: Creative and Fresh Design with Optimized Images

    Digital Ad Quest is a Website Designing agency based in New Delhi, India. We also provide HTML Mailer Designing Services. Our HTML Mailers are compatible with all the popular e-mail clients. We have years of expertise in HTML Mailer Designing, Text and Image HTML Mailer Designing, Responsive HTML Mailer Designing. We use the latest Techniques to Design HTML e-Mailers so that it works well with all the browsers and with all the devices (Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Computer).

    HTML e-Mailers includes both Text and Images, Thus companies prefer HTML emails while sending promotional emails to their Subscribers or Customers. Companies use Bulk e-mailing Software for sending emails to their customers. We found that most of the companies does not have a in house HTML Developers, Thus they end up sending only Text e-Mails these Design does not look Attractive or badly coded of HTML Mailers is not compatible with all Browsers and Devices.


    Email Marketing: Creative and Fresh Design with Optimized Images

    To fill this gap and to help you getting better result from your eMail Campaign, We have come up with the HTML Mailer Designing Services, where we have exclusive team with years of experience in HTML e-Mailer Designing only, we can help you in Designing Beautiful and Stunning e-Mailers for your eMail Marketing campaign. And most importantly our HTML Mailer Designing services are very affordable.

    Email Marketing Services from Auxano


    eMail Marketing Services from Auxano

    Email marketing Services from Auxano are a form of direct marketing which uses electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial or fund-raising messages to the target audience. Auxano strives to provide an intelligent mix of features - HTML E-mail editing and design, deliverability, support, pricing etc. Today's competitive environment necessitate the need to reach the inbox of our target audience.

    Some of our client HTML eMailer Designs


    Beautiful eMailer Designed in HTML


    Creative HTML eMailer Designed by Auxano


    Creative HTML eMailer Design Services


    HTML e-Mailer Designing and Sending Services

    Some Important Point we Follow to Design a HTML eMailer Design


    We Follow to Design a HTML eMailer Design

  • Clear, Concise Content: small screens mean it's more important now than ever to engage the user as efficiently as possible.

  • Single Column Layout: simplicity is key. Layouts no wider than 640px will degrade gracefully. A single-column ensures no content will be completely lost outside the viewport when zoomed in.

  • An engaging Subject Line: this is one of the email marketer's most effective weapons in an overcrowded inbox. Keep it short and snappy.

  • Large Call to Action (CTA): don't punish fat fingers! Apple's iOS Human Interface Guidelines recommend a minimum 'tappable' target area of 44×44 points.

  • Use Images Carefully: don't assume that images will be seen. iPhone's native email app will display images by default but many clients won't.

  • Vertical Hierarchy: diminished screen real estate places more credence than ever on the idea of 'the fold'. Significant CTAs should be placed as near to the top as possible; if they are not seen immediately, perhaps they will not be used.

  • Pre Header: another key area when it comes to visibility in the inbox. Try to avoid simply displaying 'view in browser' text.

  • Generous Font Sizes: make sure your message can be easily read.

  • best-email-marketing-strategies-increase-sales-and-leads

    Best eMail Marketing Strategies Increase Sales and Leads

    Based on various online and offline researches amount marketers, Auxano can help in allocating the right funds for your Email Digital Marketing Plan. In case, you already have implemented an Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy as per our guidelines, you would need to spend just 2%-5% of your total marketing plan to setup and operate a killer email marketing strategy.

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