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"PDF" (Portable Document Format)

PDF format is a proprietary format that allows you to read Electronic Documents..

Advantage of PDF - PDF is Very Fast and simple to Create - PDF files are very easy to create and Virtually Take no time at all.

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PDF Format

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What is pdf and why we use PDF Dacuments ?

"PDF" (Portable Document Format) is a file format developed by Adobe systems. PDF is a proprietary format that allows you to read electronic documents. This format provides your document in best format. You can easily view your document page-by-page as they appear in their printed form.

A PDF file is a "read only" document that cannot be altered without leaving an electronic footprint, and meets all legal requirements in a court of law. Furthermore, the PDF format is practical and economical by allowing the documents to be stored on a company's server. This eliminates the need for additional hardware (except for additional hard drive space) and allows for exceptional integration into any network.

Each PDF file encapsulated a complete description of fixed-layout of 2D documents that includes text, fonts, images and 2D vector graphics. It is similar to HTML; PDF file contains text, images, hyperlinks and lots more. However, it is based on variant of PostScript; each document contains text, graphics and fonts into a single file.

Advantages of PDF Formats


Advantages of pdf files - PDF File Easy to Create

Advantages of PDF Files

  • Fast and Simple to Createt - PDF files are very easy to create and virtually take no time at all. It's as easy as clicking a button with your mouse.

  • Security - If you are worried about sending your documents over internet or circulate it in the office, no need to worry with PDF documents. With the PDF format, organizations are able to put User-Password security at the document level. This allows emailing of documents between people or locations without the fear of an unauthorized person viewing the document.

  • Capability to compress large files - Imagine storing and transferring large volume of heavy files. PDF had make life lot easier. The PDF's capability to compress large files is everybody's dream!

  • Compression of a PDF File is Substantial - All PDF files exist independently from the Operating system, hardware, software that is being used to view, edit or Convert PDF files. It not only makes it easy to transfer files among computers with different hardware and software architecture. Using PDF files also make sure that the document you send reach the destination clearly without any error.

  • PDF files are Compatible Across Multiple Platforms - A PDF format represents a document independently of the hardware, operating system and application software used to create the original PDF file. It was designed to create transferable documents that can be shared across multiple computer platforms. Cross platform acceptability is another reason PDF the document format of choice to use over a network, the Internet or an intranet.

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    What can I do with PDF?


    use of pdf to - Archiving Data - Exchanging Data - Sharing Data

    PDF can be used for -

    • :- Creating Electronic Documents. PDF is as close as you can get to 'the paperless office.

    • :- Exchanging Data. More and more applications can read PDF files. Advertisements are often exchanged as PDF files. PDF/X is a special version of PDF that is optimised for this type of applications.

    • :- Archiving Data. There are tools on the market that allow you to index PDF files so you can create and search an electronic library of PDF files. There is even a special version of PDF, called PDF/A, that is optimized for the long term preservation of electronic documents.

    • :- Interactive Documents. PDF can be used for electronics forms in which the filled-in data can be stored in a data base.

    • :- You Can also use PDF for Mail some thinking Like - Product Catalog, Your Exhibition Brochure or Flyer, Daily NewLetter

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