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Digital Marketing Strategy

Exceptional Return of Investment from right Digital Marketing Strategy

How to Allocate Funds to your Digital Marketing Campaign - We @Auxano can plan and strategize your Digital Marketing activities including

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Digital Marketing Strategy

Formulating Digital Marketing Strategy


Digital Marketing Strategy: Fund Allocation and Digital Marketing Initiatives


Digital Marketing is the use of digital channels to promote or market products and services to consumers and businesses. Digital marketing concepts and practice are evolving tremendously among several industries, especially by the leading companies among each industry utilizing the mass reach of digital tools and social media platforms. Digital Marketing Campaigns benefit from the possibility to create customizable strategies that can achieved at a very affordable costs.

As per the above Digital Marketing Infographic, we can clearly see that a successful Digital Marketing Strategy involves allocating the right amount of Funds to all Digital Marketing avenues. Once you have decided that you need to formulate a comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy, you can contact @Auxano - the preferred Digital Marketing Agency for corporate houses.

The Digital Marketing strategy that we have suggested above is based on analysis of various surveys and studies done on marketers world-wide. Most of the marketers are realizing that digital marketing is something that cannot be ignored anymore and they need to formulate a digital marketing strategy to reach their target customers through online digital medium.


Digital Marketing Strategy Fact: Marketing Executives are shifting their Budgets to Digital Domain

Digital Marketing Budgetary Allocations

These studies conclusively prove that Digital Marketing Spending is increasing with each passing month. We @Auxano know how difficult it could become for organizations to prepare strategies for each digital marketing medium and then monitor it's progress on weekly or monthly basis. We can help organizations by designing and maintaining their digital marketing portfolio in one place.

Whenever we are approached by an organization to study and implement their digital marketing campaign, we first understand their existing marketing portfolio and how that could be beneficial on the digital front. An organization with multiple advertisements for Television or Radio can easily modify and augment them for video content on their website or on multiple digital platforms like youtube/vimeo etc. This video content can then help in gaining customer engagement on these channels as well as augment their website's Search Engine Optimization SEO efforts.

We @Auxano strongly believe that Digital Marketing activities should be managed and implemented by a Single Digital Marketing Company. Here, diversifying the Digital Marketing efforts results in non-convergence of these marketing initiatives. For example, an organization which employs a Digital Marketing Company for Website Design and Development and another for Display Advertising and Social Media Marketing should understand that the content created by the Website Development team would remain un-utilized by the Display and Social Media Team and vice-versa. We have seen many organizations making fantastic images/videos for their social media platforms, but this content should be strengthened by utilizing it on their website to help the website's content creation and SEO.

    Exceptional Return of Investment from right Digital Marketing Strategy

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Multiple Digital Marketing Agencies could result in reduced exposure of your Digital Content

Multiple Digital Marketing Agencies could result in reduced exposure of your Digital Content

Ideally, Digital Content (Text, Images, Videos, Presentations, Whitepapers, Downloadable PDF's etc.), should be created and managed by a single Digital Marketing Agency. This content should then be distributed through your organization's Digital Marketing Platforms i.e Website, Social Media Channels (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.), Digital Advertisements on multiple Display Networks (like Google Adwords, Facebook and Twitter Ads, Outbrain, Tamboola and many more) and Mobile and Email marketing initiatives. Once all the content creation and distribution gets integrated, then we can expect the maximum ROI for your Digital Marketing Campaign.

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