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E-commerce Website Payment Integration

Sell your Products Online with Multi-Currency Payment Gateways

Enable Option of Multiple Currency Payment Gateway. Courier through Fedex/DHL/UPS integration. Now easily export all of your products to customer is Europe, USA, Australia & Singapore.

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e-Commerce Site Payment Integration

Setup your E-Commerce Shop - Integrate Payment Gateways


Setup your E-Commerce Shop

E-Commerce websites are complex websites that are designed to showcase your inventory of quality products or services that your want to sell to your customers world-wide. These E-commerce websites provide a platform for the consumer to search, select and buy products from your website. Designing a good e-commerce site is important to engage web customers.

These days online shopping is not a niche market anymore - the e-commerce web stores are aimed at a larger and worldwide audience. There are numerous advantages of having an online store as it provides an additional point of sale and representation for your quality products and services. With customized home page designs and layouts you could really make your online business flourish.


E-commerce Website: Create an Online Store to Start Selling your Products

No matter how great your e-commerce store may look and function, achieving success in your online eCommerce endeavor majorly depends on how well you sell your products to your customers. You need to provide your customers with multiple payment and shipment options so that they feel that they are being valued and taken seriously. To successfully sell products online, you’ll first have to win the trust of your site visitors. A secure and multi-currency payment gateway is a powerful tool that helps to assure your eCommerce website visitors about your trustworthiness.

We understand the challenges faced by new customers while creating their first online store or website. You do not know what all information can be put online and how to put it online so that it shows up in the best possible manner for your customers. Apart from that, the information that you put online has to be detailed enough so that good customer looking for quality products are re-directed to your website from major search engines. In other words, the e-commerce site should be Search Engine Compatible or SEO Friendly.


Setup your E-Commerce Shop

While designing an online webstore, a list of product categories or a grid of product listings can be the perfect thing to improve the design and ambiance of your online store. Special discount deals and new arrivals are also good features to implement to motivate your website customers to buy. You probably know that there is a huge chunk of online surfers who don't know what they want exactly; they just want to hang around. Your goal as an online seller is to tap into that market and show them what they are missing out on.


Sell your Products Online with Multiple Payment Gateways

E-commerce Website with all your products and services listed. Option of Multiple Currency Payment Gateway Integration.

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Payment Integration


Paypal Payments Secure Payments Visa, Mater etc

Allowing Customers to Enter their Payment Details directly on your e-commerce website

Though this option can provide a smooth checkout experience for the customer, this is the least secure way of accepting online payments. You’ll need to take very serious security precautions to remain PCI compliant. Unless your e-commerce store is turning over millions per year, this payment option probably won’t be cost-effective. Additionally, with the rising cases of online fraud and leaks, customers feel more secured when they enter their payment information only on secured and trust-worthy sites like Paypal or Google.

Offer Paypal as Trustworthy Payment Option to your Customers

You don’t necessarily need to limit yourself to one payment gateway. Mostly all eCommerce platforms today allow you to offer multiple payment and multiple currency options to your customers. The most popular payment gateway option to offer is PayPal. With Paypal, the users can pay in their native currency while you get the money from Paypal in your native currency, thus providing a hassle free experience for both the buyer and seller. Lots of consumers have PayPal accounts and many of them prefer to pay by PayPal rather than enter credit card details into yet another website.

Even if you don’t use PayPal as your main payment gateway, consider offering PayPal as an alternative way for customers to pay. It can also be a good backup in case of any problems with your primary payment gateway or merchant account.

Payment Gateways: Their Fees and Transaction Charges

Payment gateways charge various different fees that can include monthly fees, fixed fees per transaction, variable fees based on a percentage of transaction amounts, and extra fees for things like chargebacks, payments from international cards, and more. The E-commerce Website Design Team @Auxano can help you understand and decode these charges and provide the best alternative based on your primary usage conditions.


Paypal Payments Secure Payments Visa, Mater etc

Selecting and Implementing the Right Payment Gateway for your E-commerce Web-Store

Don’t let payment gateways act as a roadblock to setting up a successful online web-store. At Auxano, we make sure that we choose the perfect and most hassle free option for your online store while still providing the best deal to you. We advise all our clients not to be overwhelmed by the plethora of online payment gateways and let the Auxano Team with it's rich experience of setting up and maintaining online e-commerce stores, develop and execute your own payment gateway.


    Sell your Products Online with Multiple Payment Gateways. E-commerce Website with all your Products and Services listed

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In this Digital era of ever-increasing competition, both large and small companies are conceptualizing various ways and means by which to increase the visibility of their online products. One of the ways to do so is by creating an e-commerce website. We can help you in increasing the customer base and increasing your visibility in the online world. Developing well-designed website is one of the best-utilized methods of growth by start-up as well as well-established brands. We @Auxano are engaged in helping such companies that look up to creating an online e-commerce store website as a viable alternative to placing high-priced ads or other traditional offline ways of physical marketing.

We can integrate everything there is to know about the product your customers are going to buy - the selling process, various secure payment methods, the delivery service and schedule, order emails etc, that will help them secure a decision and commit to a transaction. We make sure that you have linked to the appropriate pages from your home page. Such detailed information about the purchase process will save much of your support team's time, and reduce the number of customer's pre-sale help requests.

We can build any type of E-commerce site you require, from small custom designed web stores with few products or highly advanced online stores. We discuss, design and offer lots of help and advice along the way, so don't worry if you are not comfortable with web lingo and your online digital requirements, we will help you with our bouquet of website design services designed to push your business to target online customers. Our e-commerce websites can be developed with a best in class store design solutions like Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop & Zencart etc, and we can additionally provide basic training on how to use and augment your website.


E-commerce Website: Key Pages for Customer Satisfaction

Below we list the 10 key page types that form the customer experience for e-commerce retail site customer journey:

  • Homepage.

  • Category page.

  • Search results page.

  • Brand page.

  • Product list page (PLP).

  • Product details page (PDP).

  • Basket page.

  • Checkout – sign-in.

  • Checkout – delivery and billing.

  • Checkout – payment and order confirmation.

  • Detailed Feature-List for E-commerce Websites

    e-Commerce Provides high quality content and high resolution clear images

    It is important that your Ecommerce website provides high quality content and high resolution clear images for your target audience. Good surfing and shopping experience will encourage customers to spend longer lengths of time on your site and will increase the likelihood of a sale.

    With our highly skilled team of ecommerce experts and website developers we can create exactly what you need. We are available by phone and email, so just let us know if you would like a free ecommerce web design estimate or if you need a custom web design and development estimate.

      Drupal eCommerce Solution

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