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Design Features of an E-commerce Website

Features for Products Showcase on your E-commerce Website

Description, Multiple Product Images, Descriptive Product Videos, Compare Products, Special Offers and Discount codes, Payment Gateway, Shipping.

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e-Commerce Features

E-commerce Product Page Features & Design Pointers


E-commerce Website Aim: Increase the Likelihood of Sale

Multiple Design Features for Products Showcase on your E-commerce Website

An E-commerce Website with good surfing and shopping experience will encourage customers to browse for more products and stay on your site much longer. This simple customer engagement will increase the likelihood of sales on your e-commerce platform. In order to provide this enhanced surfing and shopping experience, there are multiple features that will need to be implemented and maintained on your e-commerce website.


High Quality Content is the Centre-Piece of any E-commerce Website

Product Details on an E-commerce Website

The most important aspect of an E-commerce site is the Product Details. Product details should be provided in the form of detailed description texts and high resolution clear images. By providing these simple details and content, you can make sure that customers do not leave your website because of lack of clarity about yout products. There are multiple design features here that can make or break your online e-commerce website's success.



High Quality Image Content for your E-commerce Website

We understand the challenges faced by new customers while creating their first online store or website. You do not know what all information can be put online and how to put it online so that it shows up in the best possible manner for your customers. Apart from that, the information that you put online has to be detailed enough so that good customer looking for quality products are re-directed to your website from major search engines. In other words, the e-commerce site should be Search Engine Compatible or SEO Friendly.

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Provide a Call-To-Action Button to your Customers

Provide a Call-To-Action Button to your Customers

While designing an online webstore, the product page should clearly list and showcase the product being sold as shown and described above. Once the product has been detailed nicely, you will need to add prominent "Add To Cart" Buttons. This Call to Action button enables customers to directly move and add the listed product to their carts.

The Call-To-Action button Add-To-Cart clearly indicates the action that could be taken on that page and gently motivates your customers to add the products that they like to their carts.

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E-commerce Website Features: Add to Cart and Product Reviews

Adding Product Reviews and Ratings from Existing Customers

Additionally, to increase the customer footfall and higher product sale likelihood, you will need to add customer reviews for your products. The e-commerce site should enable customers to share their experiences with the product along-with other descriptions like images of them using the product. After reading these highly encouraging reviews from fellow customers, any propective surfer would be more likely and confident to place an order for your products.


e-Commerce Features - Illustrative Product Names and Descriptions

Adding Illustrative Product Descriptions

As discussed above, the primary aim of any e-commerce site is to increase customer foot-falls and then to cash-in on this increased foot-fall by selling more and more products to the customers. Nowadays, there are multiple sites offering the same products, then how will your site make a better impact on the customer? By simply providing enhanced details about the product maybe from the product packaging or from the product manual. By increasing the level of information available to customer for making a buying decision, you can easily increase the likelihood of product sale from your site.


Increase Customer Footfall on your E-commerce Website by Adding Illustrative Product Descriptions

Product Weight: Important Parameter for your E-commerce Website

Product Weight when packed is also one paramter that needs to be incorporated at the designing stage itself. The product weight is useful for implementing the shopping cart with courier functionality. This helps in calculating the total cart weight when a customer adds multiple products to their orders and thus will need to pay a comprehensive shipping fees based on the total shipment weight.


Ideal E-commerce Site Features: Mention Price Clearly

E-commerce Website: Mention Product Price Clearly

We have seen many e-commerce sites offering multitude of products. These products sometimes are not labelled or described clearly leading to customer lossing interest in your site. Also, the price of the product along with the items included in that price should be clearly mentioned on the website. In case, you can offer additional options like gift-wrapping or special overseas packaging, then these costs should be clearly mentioned so that the customer is fully aware of what exactly he is paying for.


E-commerce Product Zoom Feature

Product Images to Implement Product Zoom Functionality

As soon as a customer comes across a product he wants to buy, he would want to take a closer look at the product. This can be possible by adding functionality to provide an Image Zoomer when the user hovers over your product image.

While designing an e-commerce platform, we need to remember that the customer cannot see or feel the product as he can do in a physical store. So, here we would want to make the customer experience as close as possible to the physical store. By providing a zoom functionality, the customer can look at finer details that he might want to confirm before making the final buying decision.

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E-commerce Site: Add Mind Catching Video of your Product

Mind Catching Video of your Product on the E-commerce Product Page

An advanced feature for an e-commerce store would be to showcase product videos for all your products. These videos can be easily hosted on the company's youtube or video accounts and can help in enhancing customer experience. If the customer is able to see a product video with 360° view of the product, then he will be sure of what he is buying and the e-commerce website conversion rates would improve drastically.

The product video needs to be focussed on the product design and view. It should showcase the product features if possible and clarify any simple doubts regarding the online product buying process. The product video can also incorporate your satisfied customer's image or video review for the said product.


Category Page Filters: Superior User Experience

Category Page Filters: Superior User Experience

Category Page Filters or Product Filters are very important for enhancing user shopping experience. These filters help the e-commerce users in eliminating products that they are not interested in, thus showcasing the right products as per their liking.

Product Filters can be as simple as Price, Color and Size Filters. So, a customer looking for only products priced between a specific range can select this filter. Similarly, the color and size filters eliminate products that are outside the purview of your customer.

It is important to design and implement these filters during the e-commerce website design phase. You can inform us what are the various features of your products and we can enable these features to be input while entering the product information. Once we have this information for all listed products, we can easily modify the e-commerce backend to filter products based on these features.


Compare Page: Essential for any E-commerce Website

Incorporating a Compare Page in your E-commerce Website

Many times the customer would simply want to compare two or more products that he likes. He would want to compare the price, design, features and other products details side-by-side to make an informed buying decision.

While designing this compare page on the e-commerce website, it needs to be decided what all information the customer would like to compare side-by-side. Here, a retail fabric apparel website owner may setlle for a large product display image on the top with price, color, fabric and ratings diplayed prominently. Similarly, a technology product comparison would have the primary specifications of the products displayed clearly so that the customer can rule out one or more of the products on the comparison page.


Shipping Integration: Add maximum choice for customers

Shipping Integration: Add maximum choice for customers

While designing an e-commerce platform, we also need to figure out how to integrate the shipping process within the customer ordering process. While ordering a product, the customer can be provided options for expedited or economy (but slower) shipping options. The shipping options need to be integrated with the shipping process API's provided by DHL/UPS etc. or develop a custom shipping rate calculator to showcase the final shipping amount and time to customer.

The shipping rate calculator would need the shipment starting and ending locations along with the shipment weight. It would also need shipment classification and in some cases, even dimensions of the shipment to compute the volumetric weight of the shipment.

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Live Chat: Enhanced Customer Services

Live Chat: Enhanced Customer Services

A Live-chat option on your e-commerce shop enables customers to direct their simple queries to the chat executive thus capturing the customer attention and increasing the likelihood of online sale.

The Live-chat feature is additionally helpful on e-commerce sites offering complex products and having many customizations. These complex products with customizations are not always clear to all customers and the live-chat executive can direct them to the correct products that they would like to buy.

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