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Marketing Services for Actuarial Firms

Digital Marketing Strategies for Highest Return-on-Investment

Actuarial Blogs, Solvency II Updates, Case Studies, Statutory Reports, Risk Analysis, General &' Life Insurance Concepts, Regular Newsletter and much more.

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Actuarial Firms Online Web Presence Showcase Strengths

Digital Marketing Solutions for Actuarial Firms


Digital Marketing Solutions for Actuarial Firms

An Actuary is a professional who applies analytical, statistical and mathematical skills to financial and business problems. This is especially valuable when facing real-world problems that involve uncertain future events or financial risk such as calculating the price an insurer should charge customers for various insurance benefits, understanding the impact that different investments have on a pension fund's expected risk and return, or calculating a bank's risk due to home-loan customers being unable to repay their mortgage debt.

Actuaries are also able to provide realistic solutions to complex problems with a long-term forward view. Actuaries operate within a strict professional and ethical framework, advancing equity across all stakeholders and promoting the public interest.


What skills can Actuaries Promote online?

Actuaries are masters of a wide range of skills, including:

  • -- Risk Margin Analysis;

  • -- Financial and mathematical modelling, including mortality and morbidity rates;

  • -- Evaluating financial consequences;

  • -- Analysis of risk and risk management;


Actuaries are Masters of a wide Range of Skills

  • -- Scientific pricing and reserving techniques;

  • -- Asset/liability management;

  • -- Overall financial management, and

  • -- Communication of complex financial concepts in understandable terms.


Marketing Services for Professional Like - Doctors, Chartered Accountants (CA's), Lawyers, Engineers, Architects, Financial Advisors

In today's ever-changing technological world, it is imperative for all professionals to keep up with current trends. The Internet has revolutionized the way in which we do business and communicate with one another. For lawyers and practising law firms, the time has never been more critical to create an online web presence. Advertising online increases your visibility and offers creative new ways to promote your services. An online website for Actuarial Firms has rapidly become the standard by which their business practice is judged by potential clients. By correctly positioning yourself online through a professionally designed and managed website, you can quickly gain a vital advantage in this highly competitive market.

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Auxano Identity Risk for Website Designing for Actuarial Firms

By partnering with Auxano for your website designing needs, you will gain an introduction to the most popular online marketing strategies, as well as helping you get started on building a web presence of your own. According to a various market research studies, more and more people worldwide have started to use the Internet. As per recent estimates, more than 80% use the Internet to research products or services. Now in the 21st century, being without a professional website is akin to not having a corporate business card. Potential clients can easily reach you through your online web presence.

Digital Marketing Services for Professionals

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Promotion of Financial Actuarial Firms Online

Send us the Text, We Will do the Rest: You can have as much as or as little input as to the look and style of your website design as you like! We can include all the images of yours or source relevant stock images from our library. We believe that the design of your professional website should reflect the values and brand image of your organization. The website design should be fresh and alive and the layout should be adjustable so as to accommodate maximum knowledge for the customer. We can provide the website images also in all image formats and all sizes for easy upload on all major social media networking sites.

@Auxano, we could help you in publishing an e-mail newsletter regularly to your clients regarding business aspects they might find interesting and valuable concepts such as risk margin analysis, solvency II updates, financial statement tips, events in the news, etc. Where appropriate, you could easily point them back to a page, post or article on your web site. Sending this email letter to clients, and contacts/prospects at least once a month will slowly but surely build your reputation as a serious and highly sophisticated Actuarial Firm.

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