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Digital Marketing Platform For Dentists

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Dental Marketing Experts

Digital marketing Services for Dentist

Digital Marketing Services for Dentist

Maybe business is slow. Maybe you’ve invested in a Cerec or just completed a course on sleep apnea and you’re looking for new patients who want what you can do. Maybe you’ve felt the results of a competitor’s marketing and finally decided it was okay to look out for number one. Whatever the reason, we’re happy to have you.

Okay, maybe we’re exaggerating a bit. Not everyone here is an Einstein-level brainiac, but if there was a Mensa chapter just for dental marketing we would probably be the founders. If there is a dental marketing and advertising strategy or technique out there, we’ve heard of it and can tell you if it’s worth your time (or more importantly, your money). Just like your Dad always said, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. That’s why we insist on measuring everything – so you know that it’s dental marketing money well spent. Think you’ve got a silver-bullet marketing idea? Call us, we’ll give you the real life scoop.


Website for Dentists

We create custom designs exclusive to your area and avoid dental website templates. Custom effects slideshows (Video, Image), advanced online editor, detailed visitor reporting, full dental video integration, walk-on videos, compatibility with your dental software, and social networks are just a few of the advanced features we offer to our clients.

We know dentists and dental staff are busy, so we have created a process that minimizes the amount of time you need to spend on your new website. Give us a few minutes of your time and we will create a stunning dental website for your practice in just a few days! Packages are affordable and easy to understand without any hidden fees.


Our designs are simply better. We create a design that truly reflects your image and attracts high-value dental patients to your practice . See why our designs are different:


• Stunning Graphics
• Designed from Scratch
• Custom Slideshows
• Unique Intro Pages


• Area Exclusivity
• No Templates
• Own the Design
• Own the Domain


• Practice Pages
• Patient Edu. Library
• Procedure Articles
• Unlimited Pages

Marketing Services
to build your Business


Partnering for Growth

Partnering for Growth

Led by one of the Founders of Auxano, our team of Growth Leaders is dedicated to helping your practice grow. We believe Digital Marketing provides powerful tools to attract new patients, but we also help execute integrated plans that include traditional methods. Everything we do starts with a clear understanding of what makes your practice unique. . . your competitive advantage. Then, we work with you and your budget to achieve your objectives.


Search Engine Management

Search Engine Management

More than 80 million people in the United States search for a dentist via the Internet every year. We want to make sure they find you. Our Search Team understands dentistry, and they are pro’s at PPC, Facebook ads, organic search and mobile optimization. We know what patients do when they look for a dentist on the Internet, and our campaigns earn a higher ROI as a result.

✅ Google AdWords

✅ Organic Search

✅ Mobile Search

✅ Local Directories


SEO launch your website to the top!

SEO launch your website to the top!

SEO is extremely critical to any dental marketing campaign worth a fighting chance. Auxano uses the latest technology in Search Engine Optimization, SEO, to enhance the online presence recognition.


✦ Meta & Alt Tags


✦ Advanced HTML5

✦ Keyword Analysis

Specialty Content

✦ Procedure Library

✦ Custom Blog

✦ Custom SEO Content

✦ Client Content


✦ Article Submission

✦ Links & Reputatio

✦ Listing Submission

✦ Proprietary Techniques


Social Engagement

Social Engagement

Successful dental practices take an active interest in their local communities. This is no different on the Internet, and platforms such as Facebook make this even more important. By sharing your knowledge and interests with other leaders in the community, you engender trust and confidence. In turn, this engagement makes it easier for your current patients to refer their friends while new patients feel more comfortable scheduling a visit.

✅ Facebook Posts

✅ Twitter Posts

✅ Meaningful Reports

✅ Custom Content


Reputation Development

Reputation Development

More than 70% of all new patients come from referrals, and these referrals are now being generated by websites like Google+, Yelp! and LinkedIn. Simply monitoring what others are saying is not enough. Our team is focused on helping you proactively develop a positive, on-line reputation. We want the world to hear what your best patients are saying about your practice.

✅ Viable Local Reviews

✅ LinkedIn Network

✅ Praise Notifications

✅ Google+ Reviews


Website Fundamentals

Website Fundamentals

While not sexy, the infrastructure that supports your website is vital. All the marketing in the world will do no good if your website is not live and up-to-date. Our systems provide 99.8% reliability, and we work 24/7 to monitor security, support email and protect your investment. We give you the confidence to focus on higher priorities.

✅ Content Updates

✅ Website Reporting

✅ Email Setup

✅ Spam Filters

✅ Website Hosting

✅ Security

✅ Virus Protection

✅ Rapid Support

Get Found Online


Search Marketing Works

Search Marketing Works

We all look to the Internet when making important decisions, and dentistry is no different. More than 70% of all patients start their search for a new dentist on Google. It is critical that your marketing strategy includes a consistent, effective effort that enables your practice to be found. Depending on the competitiveness of your market, it is often necessary for organic, paid and mobile search to be incorporated into your SEO strategy.

Organic Search Optimization

Everyone wants their practice to appear on Page 1 of Google. Fortunately, there is not a secret formula to make this happen. Google is constantly updating its algorithm to deliver the most useful results to its customers, and we work hard to position your practice accordingly. Our efforts are genuine, sustainable and focused on consistent, long-term results. We utilize all of the following tools to help your practice get found.

✅ Blog Optimization

✅ Directory Listings

✅ Traffic Analytics

✅ Monthly Reports

✅ Fully Ethical SEO

✅ Google+ Optimization

✅ Power Pages

✅ Keyword Research

✅ Call Metrics

✅ Authorship Results


Paid Search Marketing

Paid Search Marketing

For many dentists, organic search is not enough. Due to geography or other competitive factors, you may need other tools to achieve the desired results. By combining our dental knowledge and technical expertise, we are able to position your practice exactly where patients are looking. This could be on Google. It could be on Facebook. Or, it could be both. Best of all, you pay only when someone actually clicks on your ad. The results are tangible and the ROI is high.

Industrial Valve Store logo

Industrial Valve Store

We have been very impressed over the last 18 months with Auxano. They have created an amazing website that helps us stand out from our competitors. The SEO has gotten us to the first page of Google and maintained our position, which is imperative for our industry. Also, Auxano runs all our social media.

Metallum Molds logo

Metallum Molds

I have been working with Auxano now for 2 years. I left a previous web hosting service that used a cook book program. They often did not think outside of the box. Auxano is always available to their clients as a team to brainstorm ways to enhance my online presence with innovative ideas.


Mobile Search Optimization

Mobile Search Optimization

More than 25% of all searches on the Internet are done on smartphones and tablets. This means your website better look good on mobile devices, and it means your Google+ page better be top notch. Many patients see this first, and they check out your image and reviews even before visiting your website. Auxano can make sure your practice is found – and looks good – on every device and every platform.


Conversion Features

Conversion Features

Even when you are on Page 1 of Google, you are not alone. Potential patients still see multiple listings and have to make a choice. Some results have photos. Some have stars. Others are worded just right to elicit a positive response. Auxano understands all of this, and its team of experts incorporates all these factors into your SEO strategies.

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