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Digital Platform for Managing Directors / CEOs / CFOs / Actuaries

Digital Platform for
Managing Directors / CEOs / CFOs / Actuaries


Establish yourself as an Industry thought Leader.

Whenever a CEO or top ranking official of an organization shares his thoughts or advice that are relevant to their industry, they eventually become a well-respected industry leader. That’s why whenever Bill Gates, Elon Musk, JT Foxx, Richard Branson, John Boggle, Arianna Huffington, Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch or even Beyonce speak we listen. They’ve achieved high-levels of success and know the tricks and hacks to achieve that success.

Sharing your thoughts or advice could be a simple way of giving back to the community. You have achieved your success and sharing the odd tips and tricks on a regular basis which will be utilized by the masses. CEOs with a positive message and a passion for their industry can act as influencers on behalf of their companies, ensuring that the company’s message and content is spread far and wide.


You are Successful but are you Famous?

You have reached the helm of your business, but you would need to propagate your achievements to as many people as you can. We have all been using Social Media to showcase our personal family achievements or even vacations – but have you thought about showcasing your business achievements and goals.

With the right Digital Marketing Team at your disposal, you could simply create and curate your Business Achievements and showcase them to the general public in the manner appropriate for a person in your position.


It’s an Investment into your Future

You are at the helm of a business but you would now like to reach even loftier goals and maybe target even bigger organizations. You have the skill set and the requisite professional experience. But as is with any marketing – only the things that are in public light tend to be appreciated and sold. With the right Digital Marketing team at your disposal you could easily market yourself and your achievements to be always in the public eye to catch that next ladder up. Remember - Your Attitude Not Your Aptitude Will Determine Your Altitude.


It’s an Efficient and Cost Effective

Let’s be honest, this digital marketing won’t be 100% free. There are some costs involved, such as hosting and managing a website, paying for social media management and monitoring tools, and creating content. Compared to traditional advertising, which can cost thousands of dollars, your simple personal marketing can easily fit into marketing budgets of any size. You could devote 2-5% of your monthly salaries and achieve high recognition.


Create an Online Digital Biography

We all know books aren’t being read and appreciated in the same way as they used to be in our past generations. Even the time required to curate and create one doesn’t exist anymore. But that should not stop you from creating one as you go along. With an online Digital Platform, you could keep recording achievements and hardships as you go along on your journey. Though you might just spend a couple of hours in a month discussing and filtering out things for your Digital Platform, the final profile so created will be something to cherish and learn from for all your future generations


So, How Does it Work

Step 1 - you contact your Digital Marketing Partner with a pre-determined budget that you could put aside for your growth. We recommend what should be your ideal growth and development strategy
a) creating and linking a website,
b) creating and managing social media
c) creating and linking thoughts and inspirations
d) creating video content that you would like to showcase
Step 2 – keep sending in the updates / videos / photos /achievements / awards that you would like to showcase on your Digital Platform.
Step 3 – The digital marketing partner scans and polishes whatever you have sent across and discusses and provides alternatives for sharing
Step 4 – the content is shared and you receive multiple user comments / reviews and you keep discussing and reverting with the Digital Partner.


Marc Benioff Great Leader

Marc Benioff is the founder and CEO of Sales force, but he’s also a recognizable and revered figure in the tech space. Benioff has roughly 700,000 followers on Twitter, which means he has a big platform for thought leadership. He’s active on social media -- promoting causes that matter to him and that are central to the mission of his company.