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Promoting Doctors, Clinics & Hospitals

Digital Marketing Services for Doctors and Medical Practitioners

Doctors & Clinics, Nursing Homes, Diagnostic Centres and Speciality Hospitals.

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Why Doctor & Hospitals need Digital Marketing?

Healthcare today is largely consumers driven, Digital marketing has become more important in almost for all the sectors. People seek an easy way to visit/reach doctors. Many people switch their doctors for a better service, as today traditional service doesn’t deliver the expected results.

The days are gone when people use to take the appointment and wait in the queue for their treatment. Many healthcare hospitals, healthcare center are in a process of transforming their brand totally into digital to meet the consumers’ expectations, as well as to maintain the best performance service.


Rethink on your online Website

Rethink on your online Website

Today’s generation are with full of new thoughts and innovations. They are very much different in what they think, and seek for best and easiest option which can provide the required results at the end.

Today prior to visit or consulting a doctor, most of the people prefer to look for their website, if it is existing, all the details and information about the hospitals. Healthcare digital marketing main target is to do a hospital branding and it designs the website according to it.

:- Website design is a must for the consumers as website content provides all required information which attracts the consumers to visit it again.
:- The latest designs, continuous updating and best services in the website ensures consumers professional you are about work.
:- Constantly updated information on a website, with maintaining the consistency in creating design reflects your constant search on creation, concern and care for consumers.


Time is more important for Patients

Time is more important for Patients

The disease and ill health of the Patients results in a more restless nature, thus they become more impatient. Everyone needs a good health when it comes to live a happy life, and no one ever can compromise in it. Healthcare digital marketing connects patients as and when the need arises.

:- Patients have to wait long hours to take a doctor’s appointment, which takes even more days.
:- Patients always seek for an instant services, and so digital healthcare revolutions transforming patients into healthcare consumers.
:- Digital marketing is coming with new techniques for patients so that they can connect with doctors; it is all to give an easy access to select the hospitals whenever they need.

Save Time, Increase Sales & Gain Customers

Generate Buying traffic to increase sales.

Your Complete Solution for Digital Marketing Strategies focused on increasing the reach & visibility of your Business

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Healthcare is one of the most preferred searches on internet

Healthcare is one of the most preferred searches on internet

Healthcare is 3rd most popular online activity for the consumers as about 88% people search online for health-related information. This shows how important digital channels are for the consumers in today’s world.

:- About 60% consumers search online at the time of emergency or for immediate precaution.
:- 76% consumers do a website research and the service information research online.
:- Prior to visit a doctor 77% patients go online to search for more information. And about 44% patients make an appointment with the help of mobile. Still the numbers are increasing day by day.
:- Healthcare digital marketing plays a vital role in placing the hospitals where the patients are providing an instant service.

Today, not switching for digital meaning to miss a golden marketing opportunities that provides reliable and cost-effective results, attracting millions of patients with your services, building trust, which can results in a great business ROI.


What are the factors evolving in the healthcare industry?

What are the factors evolving in the healthcare industry?

There are lot many upcoming technologies with new and innovative thoughts, which can be used as a new source of communication with the world, thus consumers are more dependent on the smartphones for healthcare information’s and their services.

:- Digital tools and technologies revolving so fast, forcing the healthcare industries to go viral. Digital marketing strategies have arrived to help the industry, to connect doctors and patients globally, by providing them the control which will ultimately increase the patients’ engagement.
:- Some are developing health IT solutions that understands patients’ conditions and match them with high skilled providers.
:- Digital channels have become a need for the consumers’ interactions, and it is an unstoppable and ongoing phenomenon which will affect the entire traditional health care marketing in the future.
:- Healthcare digital marketing provides a way to overcome the competitors and acquire new patients with a best treatment at home digitally.

With the new digital age, a healthcare industry requires a distinctive advantage to create a first impression and make a fast reach to the consumers. Healthcare digital marketing is a new and creative idea to engage the consumers and patients, and maintain the relationships among them, Digital marketing helps in retaining and expanding the healthcare services digitally in the future.

Promoting your Practice Online
Marketing Services for Doctors


Digital Marketing - Funnel your Efforts into your Digital Website for Best Long-Term Visibility

Nowadays, it is imperative for Clinics, Doctors, Hospitals and other Medical Professionals to have their own online web presence through a dedicated website. A website has become an integral part of any modern medical practice. Just like you need a clinic to practice, an online website has become an online address for any medical practitioner. A responsive and well maintained website can funnel all your activities and efforts into a central repository capable of capturing the attention of potential patients and other associated stakeholders.

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Market Your Business with #Auxano

Your Brand Heard and Seen

We Find New Ways to Market you Digitally. Our Marketing Plan that will in launch your company’s website to the top of Search Engines.

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Visible in Google Search


Doctors, Dentists and Clinics can increase their Search Visibility for more Patients


Doctors, Dentists and Clinics can increase their Search Visibility for more Patients


Website - Be Visible in Google Search for Showcasing your Medical Strengths

Additionally, just like your clinic needs to be located in prime location for greater visibility and patient footfall, a creatively designed website with the right Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a stepping stone for your Online Web Clinic. Nowadays, patients research about their doctors before a visit.

The best interface to showcase your achievements, goals and testimonials is an online website. A patient through the internet would be completely different from your word-of-mouth walk-in patients, they are well read and informed and would be more demanding. These patients will read your views and fellow patient reviews about your medical practice online and can make a professional opinion about your medical practice and capabilities.

We bring our expertise to design, develop and promote your online website so that you could be found on popular search engines like google and yahoo when people searched for medical facilities online. Search Engine Optimization or SEO website is the need of the hour.

Suppose your specialization is in the field of Cardiology, Nephrology, Gynecology or Pediatrics, you will need to advise your patients or potential patients about the various diseases that you could treat with your experience and medical know-how. A homeopathy doctor can easily illustrate the advantages of homeopathic medicine and its long term health benefits. A cardiologist can help his patients by advising about the correct diet plan for various different heart conditions.


Give your Customers a Consistent Multi-Device Browser Experience!

Responsive Websites Designed and Developed to Support all device types and size from PCs to Mobile, and provide optimize user experience.

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Auxano can Develop and Maintain an Online Marketing Platform for your Medical Practice

A customized Website Designing for Doctors

A customized website designed after discussions and proper content can bring in lot of online visitors which can easily be converted to your specialized clinics after some initial medical advice. Through the Digital Marketing route, you can spend a few hundred dollars and get calls from patients and doctors in other cities looking for your specialized medical advice. With our focus on health-care services and our library of animated surgeries, anatomy, medical procedures and disorders, we can easily put your medical practice or hospital/clinic, in the most comprehensive form, on the Digital World Wide Web.

In today's newly evolving technological world, it has become for all professionals to keep up with the current trends of online marketing. The Internet has revolutionized the way in which we do business and communicate with one another.

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A Perfectly Optimized Website will grab attention of your potential customers, and will lead to higher enquiry ration. With our Conversion Rate Optimization Server you can achieve unbelievable GOALS.

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What we offer for you in Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing for Medical Professionals

In today’s hectic world marketing has become an essential part of running every type of business. Every business needs customers and to do this the business must be able to reach customers where they are, in the past this was television, newspapers, magazines and the Yellow Pages, but we are living in a digital world and today your customers are online, searching for your business on Google or looking up your page on Facebook; this is why it is essential that every type of business, be it a mom and pop corner store or a doctors’ office have a digital marketing strategy in place that will leverage the latest techniques in order to get your website seen by your clients and customers.


Start With a Great Website

Start With a Great Website

In this Digital era of ever-increasing competition, Hospital, Doctor, Clinic are conceptualizing various ways and means by which to increase the visibility of their online digital presence. One of the ways to do so is by creating a website. An Elegant, Captivation, Responsive, Search Engine Optimized Website is now no more a luxury. Auxano can help you to analyze and deploy the right content for your website. Let's Work Together - Are you excited to get started? Us too. We can't wait to hear about your project and look forward to learning how we can play a role in your success. Let's do this. We offer Responsive Website, Smartphone Website, e-Commerce Website store for selling online medication, Smart Dynamic Website.


SEO for Doctors

SEO for Doctors

Search Engine Optimization is a crucial part of digital marketing. SEO refers to the optimization of every page of your website so that every page will appeal to your target audience and will target the right keywords. The content for each page on your site must be written with SEO in mind, you should adhere to the latest SEO best practices, as they pertain to keyword density, images, length of the content…

SEO can be the single largest driver of relevant customers to your website, who will end up enquiring or buying your products. One of the most important parts of good SEO for doctors is keyword research, you need to use tools such as webmaster tools and other free tools provided by Google in order to know what your potential clients are searching for and you then have to make sure that you mention these keywords in your content as well as in the title tags of your pages.

Good SEO for doctors is both an art and a science; on the one hand you have to know the technical aspects, good web design, proper content…
On the other hand you need to be able to be creative with your keyword targeting so that your potential clients will be able to find you in search results. And once someone comes to your site through a Google search it is important that the information you provide is useful and answers their questions.

Social Media Marketing Services

We can create a Customized affordable Social Media Marketing plan for you.

- We Build your Brand, Connect with Customers, Promote Products and Services, Convert visitors to Customers

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Social Media Marketing for Doctors

Social Media Marketing for Doctors

Social Media Marketing is one of the latest trends online, Facebook has over a billion active users, YouTube gets thousands of hours of video uploaded each day and sites like Pinterest and Instagram have an almost infinite # of images updated regularly, not to mention platforms such as Twitter, which are a great source of up to date news. We Build your Brand, Connect with Customers, Promote Products, and Services, Convert visitors to Customers.

We design and develop quice action button (CTA) for your all website category and all product pages, with these CTA buttons you can easily post your image, content or both image+content on social media channels with your website link. that means every single post on social media create back links for your website.



Facebook is the largest social media site, We creating a fan page on Facebook and updating it frequently can be a great way to promote your medical office.



Twitter is a great platform to use if you are able to gain a few thousand followers and if you have regular information to post in 140 characters. With Twitter we post updates at least 30-40 every days.



A well branded Pinterest account with good images can attract much traffic to your website. With Pinterest we posting before/after images, offer, products & Services or pics of your procedures etc.



YouTube is the grand daddy of online video, they were the first site that let users post videos and they remain the biggest player in this field. YouTube videos tend to rank well in search results and can attract new clients.

Are your customer finding your Website?

We Find New Ways to Market you Digitally

We Increase Online Sales, driven highly targeted Traffic to your Website. Our experienced Search Engine Optimization Specialists will develop a strategic Website

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Content Marketing for Doctors

Content Marketing for Doctors

Content Marketing has become an essential part of digital marketing for websites that are trying to rank for search results for competitive keywords. Content marketing refers to any content, guest blog posts, YouTube videos… where each piece of content links to your website or to one of your social media platforms. Content marketing helps you to get more links to your website and grow your brand. With content marketing, as with everything related to digital marketing that you do you need to be consistent with your branding.

The best piece of advice when it comes to content marketing for doctors is, focus on quality and accuracy. If you are posting an article on a medical condition or a treatment make sure that it is written by someone who understands the condition and that the article is well written.


PPC for Doctors

PPC for Doctors

Pay per click (PPC), also called cost per click, is the most important Digital Marketing Tool model used to direct traffic to your website. In the simplest form of PPC an advertiser pays the publisher (typically a website owner) when the relevant ad is clicked by user on the website. It is defined simply as "the amount spent to get an advertisement clicked." There are multiple benefits of PPC Advertising.

We manage your PPC ADWORDS CAMPAIGNS with different types of PPC Ads like - Text Ads, Image Ads, Image Banner Ads, Video Ads, Light Box Ads, Dynamic Ads


Emailer for Doctors Promotion

Emailer for Doctors Promotion

Email marketing utilizes email for communicating with your existing or prospective customers directly through their mailbox. Email marketing is the integral part of any Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign. Market Research shows that Email is one of the most effective tools in attracting customers to your business online.

For example, some brands put great efforts into building their mailing lists by providing special offers, discounts or product catalogs. That way they build their Email Marketing Campaigns. We have clearly established that in order to increase sales and leads, you will need to send mailers to your prospective customers. Now comes the task of creating, designing, optimizing and sending that mailer. You can count on us to design that perfect mailer with contact points and very efficient and optimized designs to prevent any inconvenience to your potential target customer.

Digital Marketing Services for Professionals

Strategies focused on increasing the reach and Visibility of your Business

Spread your Business with our Digital Marketing Save Time, Increase Sales & Gain Customers

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Digital Marketing Ideas for Dental & Medical Practitioners

  • For Doctors having clinics, Nursing Homes and large Network Hospitals, the time has never been more critical to create an online web presence. Advertising online increases your visibility and offers creative new ways to promote yourself. An online website for doctors has rapidly become the standard by which their business practice is judged by potential clients. By correctly positioning yourself online through a professionally developed and regularly managed website, you can quickly gain a vital advantage in this highly competitive market.

  • digital-marketing-ideas-for-your-medical-and-dental-practice

    Digital Marketing Strategy facts for highest Lead-Generation

  • By partnering with Auxano for your website designing needs, you will gain an introduction to the most popular online marketing strategies, as well as helping you get started on building a web presence for your medical practices. According to latest market research studies, more and more people worldwide are connecting today to the Internet. As per recent estimates, more than 80% of these people use the Internet to research products or services. Now in the 21st century, being without a professional website is akin to not having a business visiting card. Potential clients looking for doctors having specializations to diagnose, treat and manage their specific ailments can easily reach you through your online website.

Effective Marketing Techniques by Auxano

Effective Marketing Techniques by Auxano Team

Effective Marketing Techniques by Auxano

Once your newly designed website shows up in popular search engines like google, yahoo and bing, people can easily come to you for guidance and reference. If a potential client cannot find you instantly through search engine, they will move on to someone else who is better placed on these search engine rankings.
Establishing your website is the beginning of your e-marketing project — you will need visitors and to achieve visitors you will need to promote the site on all popular search engines.
We @Auxano bring our expertise to design, develop and promote your online website.


We to Promote your Clinic Online

We to Promote your Clinic Online

Send us the Clinical/Medical Text, We Will do the Rest: You can have as much as or as little input as to the look and style of your website design as you like! We can include all the images of yours or source relevant stock images from our library. We believe that the design of your professional website should reflect the values and brand image of your organization. The website design should be fresh and alive and the layout should be adjustable so as to accommodate maximum knowledge for the customer. We can provide the website images also in all image formats and all sizes for easy upload on all major social media networking sites.

Internet Marketing Campaigns for Highest ROI

Our Internet Marketing activities include - Website Design & Development, SEO & Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Mobile & Email Marketing Strategies.


Our Requirements from Customer for Digital Marketing


Product Pictures & Videos

We need your latest Product pictures, Factory or company images and videos that can be we use for your website designing. Product images is an essential part of any website because with the use of images, the purpose of a website understands easy for any person. With the having of this, we will able to design your website successfully.


Stores Information

We need a detailed Information about your Stores like - Location, Quality images, Product story Videos etc. These are some important things which any company need it. With the having of this, we design your website according to your taste.


Customer details that they can share

Collecting and storing information about customers is essential to tailoring your customer service program and growing your business. However, there are legal requirements regarding what you can do with the information you have collected. if you don't have any idea how to use? don't worry, we use after discuss with you.



Testimonials are incredibly effective when believed to be true. In promotion and of advertising, a testimonial or show consists of a person's written or spoken statement extolling the virtue of a product. Testimonials from customers who are not famous have been effectively used in marketing for as long as marketing has existed.


Brands and Special Customers

If you have tied up with any other Brand so please let us know. We can use, that information on your website and your social media accounts, to make your brand more stronger and poppler.


List of Keywords

We need List of Keywords important for your business. We use these keywords in content writing, mata tags, social media, alt, title, caption, page URL, meta description, meta keywords etc


Existing Product Catalogs

We also need your Existing Product Catalogs in Digital format like - PDF, PSD, CDR. We use quality content, products description, products specification table. products price and any other important information form it.


Loyal Customer list

We can use, your Loyal customer list in different ways. for example when we post your products and services on social media, we tage your Loyal customer every time, when you have some special offer, we send promotional mailer. you also send event or exhibition invitation.


Existing Company Logo

We need your existing company logo either in cdr format or psd format. Your existing logo is important because it’s part of your brand. we use it every where - website, social media, mailer etc


Brand Mission and Values

Our Roadmap starts with your mission, which is enduring. It declares your purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which you weigh your actions and decisions. A mission and vision are standard and critical elements of a company's organizational strategy.


Brand Color

Color are inextricably linked because color offers an instantaneous method for conveying meaning and message without words. If you want to associate with specific colors. let us know


Budget and timelines

Budget and timelines are the most essential part that you are looking at. Auxano provide you the best services at affordable price but before we want to know what is your budget and timelines.


Websites / Directory submissions / SM profiles

We also need existing Websites / Directory submissions / Social Media profiles. with the help of these information we use links on website. it's helps to create backlinks and it's also help in SEO.


Awards Received

Let us know if you win any Award or any Community, social responsibility or any other activities. we show these infomation on your website. it's helps to build customer turst on you.


Contact us


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Website Design Services - Digital Marketing for Doctors

@Auxano, we could help you in publishing an e-mail newsletter regularly to your patients regarding medical aspects they might find interesting and valuable tips like good eating, drinking and healthy living practices.
Where appropriate, you could easily point them back to a page, post or article on your web site thereby increasing your visibility while imparting very useful information at the same time.
Sending this email letter to patients, and contacts/prospects at least once a month will surely build your reputation as the best medical practitioner in your area of specialization.

If you want to reach your target audience, it's best to provide your readers and peers with high-quality medical research articles and case studies to gather internet traffic.

    Digital Marketing Services for Doctors and Medical Practitioners

    Doctors and Clinics, Nursing Homes, Diagnostic Centres and Speciality Hospitals. Contact us for Spread your Clinic

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