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Efficiently Using the Google Display Network

Optimized Campaign Management on the Google Display Network

SEM Campaign Setup and Management Optimization - Understanding and Implementing the Best Designs for your Adwords Campaign.

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Infographic Showcasing Google Search & Display Network

Understanding and Utilizing the Google Display Network

    Understanding and Utilizing the Google Display Network


    Digital Marketing: Understanding and Utilizing the Google Display Network: An Infographic

    Optimization of the Google Display Network AdWords is very important aspect of any Display Advertising Campaign. Poor quality ads or generic keywords can result in huge losses for your campaign without giving the right returns.

    The Google Display Network as does the Google Search Engine loves new and optimized content. So, if your ads are high on quality keywords giving a high ad score, then Google would give advantage to your ads even if your ad budget is lower than other poor quality ads. Auxano can help you in setting up your AdWords campaign and running it with regular optimized ads for getting most user attention at cheapest costs.

    PPC Managenment Service

    PPC Managenment Services

    PPC Management Services

  • Let AUXANO handle your PPC with range of PPC Management services...Boost your online business with PPC services.

SEM Company India

PPC Advertisement and marketing can provide instant results when handled by experts. 41% of the traffic is driven by successful PPC campaigns. AUXANO brings with it years of experience and expertise to give our customers instant results with our ace PPC Management Services.

Search Engine Marketing is one of the fastest and perhaps the best method of getting your website ranked on top of search engine results. It is one of the most cost effective solutions for a business to drive highly motivated traffic to their websites. With an able PPC Management services, you’ll be able to reach out to your target audience and pay only for the clicks you get, thereby reducing the total advertising expenditure.

    Take advantage of our effective Search Engine Marketing Services and reach out to potential customers.

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Benefits of PPC Advertising and Marketing

Although PPC Management looks simple at the onset, you’ll need the service of experts to manage your campaign and generate optimal benefits. Listed are the benefits of PPC advertising and marketing:

:- Reach out to the people who are looking out for products or services you have on offer.
:- Instant results
:- Get more sales, revenue or increase awareness about your products and services
:- Reach out to audiences in specific geographical reason
:- Reach out to audiences in a specific language
:- Create your brand image
:- Works on all devices
:- Pay only for the clicks you are getting,
:- Keep a tab on your advertising spend out as well as return on investment on your ad campaign.
:- Get value for money
:- Can be done with a shoe string budget

PPC Process


Our Pey Per Click Process for Your Business

Why Is PPC Management Important?

PPC Management cannot succeed with a “set it, forget it” approach. It is a systematic process with a series of steps. When these steps are adopted correctly, it could result in:

:- 20% to 30% savings in advertising expenditure
:- Top ranking in major search engines
:- Increased traffic
:- Better revenue
:- Brand Value

Why not do it myself and save money?

As mentioned earlier, PPC management is a complex process. It is not just about targeting the right keyword, but it also involves in-depth research of keywords, comprehensive analysis of competitor’s websites, strategizing, planning, implementation, tracking and tweaking up the campaign to optimize results. It is a long, complicated process that would eat away lot many business hours. Therefore, it is best left to experts who have extensive and exhaustive experience and expertise in this field.

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What Auxano Promises?

:- Detailed audit and analysis of your current Adwords campaign
:- Get optimal exposure within your set budget
:- Fantastic combination of text and graphic ads to give your business widest viewership
:- Comprehensive keyword research including long tailed and negative keywords to shortlist the keywords that are tailored to meet the specific needs of your business
:- Advice from experienced professional with extensive industry experience
:- 24/7 customer support

For Instant Results, choose AUXANO, the leaders in PPC Management Service! Trust us with your Search Engine Marketing and we assure you the best!

Our 6 Questions for you
Before Starting a PPC Campaign


Here are 6 things that We ask you before start your new pay per click campaign:

:- What is the goal of your pay per click campaign?
:- Define What You Are Trying To Achieve With PPC
:- What is your budget?
:- Who is your target market?
:- What are your keywords/negative keywords?
:- Where will you send your traffic?


What is the goal of your pay per click campaign?

Before getting that new pay per click campaign up and running, the first thing you need to do is decide what the goals are. A PPC campaign with no clear goals is destined for failure.

Setting goals is all well and good on its own, but holding yourself to your goals is a whole other ball game. Make sure that once you have set your goals you hold yourself to them to make sure that your campaign is successful.Changing a goal midway through the campaign to make the campaign a “success” is not a true success. Make your campaign a true success by using your goals to guide it.


Define What You Are Trying To Achieve With PPC

Decide upfront what the entire goal is for your pay per click. You need to definitively know what you want to come from your pay per click, whether it be increased sales, more membership sign ups, or simply increased brand awareness. Knowing what you want to get out of your pay per click campaign will help you to guide your campaign towards success.

If you can’t explain what you are trying to achieve with your campaign then you may want to re-evaluate whether or not you should run a pay per click campaign and if it would be worth the cost.


What is your budget?

Knowing your budget for your pay per click campaign is beyond important. It can be very easy for your pay per click to run wild with your budget and you can find yourself spending much more than planned. When developing your budget it is important that you have a total budget for the campaign, then set monthly, weekly, and even daily budgets. As long as you stick to each of your budgets you will be able to better track the success of your campaign in regards to cost.

When you budget for your campaign, you should always be keeping each of your campaign goals in mind. This is very important as you should have already determined how long your campaign will be running for. You will also be able to determine how much you should be able to spend on your pay per click based on your goal profit to get the best ROI.


Who is your target market?

Knowing your target market is a key factor in running any successful campaign. Without a thorough understanding of your target market it can be quite difficult to create compelling ads that will appeal to possible customers. This can be especially important if you are planning on launching more than one pay per click campaign. With multiple campaigns you can aim to hit a different target market for each of the campaigns.

This is especially important if you are running campaigns that may be gender specific, or for a specific geographic area etc. Creating campaigns without knowing the target market in highly specific campaigns can lead to certain failure.


What are your keywords/negative keywords?

The keywords that you select for your campaign will determine when your ad shows up for different search results. Good keywords will ensure that your ad is shown when relevant and will be the best usage of your campaign budget.

Determine All The Keyword Options

Now it’s time to create a comprehensive keyword list. It is very important that you pick keywords carefully and deliberately. Make sure every keyword you add to your list is relevant to your business. Include everything that relates to your business, the general terms, specific terms, misspelled terms etc. Be careful not to select keywords that are vague though because these can lead to wasted money.

Negative Keywords Are Keywords Too

Using negative keywords allows you to be more specific in eliminating the web traffic that you do not want. By eliminating irrelevant web searches you can make sure that your ads will only show to the people who were actually looking for your product/service.


Where will you send your traffic?

Now that you have this great new pay per click campaign up and running you have to determine where to send the people who click on your ad. It is very tempting to send them to your homepage. Unless the ad they clicked on makes sense to send to your homepage, that’s probably not where they want to go.

It is important that you decide what page of your site is most relevant to the campaign that you are running. When a customer clicks on an ad related to a specific search, they will not want to have to search once more on the site. If you drop all of your pay per click customers onto your homepage you can majorly increase the overall bounce rate for your site as well as lose potential new customers.

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