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Keyword Analysis delivers best SEO Results

Keyword Research is one of the most important, Valuable & high return Activity

First we Analysis Keywords related your Produts. Second lot's of work on on-page or off-page SEO and after this you can see best SEO results.

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Keyword Analysis Delivers Best SEO Results

Keyword Analysis
Delivers best SEO Results


Primary Keyword Analysis for one of our Customers

Keyword Analysis

Keyword research is one of the most important, valuable, and high return activities in the search marketing field. Ranking for the right keywords can make or break your website. By researching your market's keyword demand, you can not only learn which terms and phrases to target with SEO, but also learn more about your customers as a whole.

It's not always about getting visitors to your site, but about getting the right kind of visitors. The usefulness of this intelligence cannot be overstated; with keyword research you can predict shifts in demand, respond to changing market conditions, and produce the products, services, and content that web searchers are actively seeking. In the history of marketing, there has never been such a low barrier to entry in understanding the motivations of consumers in virtually any niche.

Below you see Primary Keyword Analysis for one of our Customers.


4 Top Keywors select, in our Keyword Analytics list by customer

Keyword Analysis

Customer select 4 Top Keywors in our Keyword Analytics list. With these new keywords, we could start the Design of a new Responsive Website that will have Search Engine Optimization Strategies built-in, in other words on-page SEO & off-page SEO. That means you will need to design your pages according to what the customer is searching for. Without having a SEO strategy, you would be lost as to what all to target and have no benchmarks to follow. With our SEO Experts, you will be in safe hands. We would advice which keywords to target in the first round and how to gain traffic from organic google searches.

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On-Page SEO Work


On-page SEO work improve Search Result

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    With effective SEO you can easily rank on top of Search Engines giving your business the boost to take it to the next level.

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On-page SEO work improve Search Result

In Search Engine Optimization, on-page optimization refers to factors that have an effect on your Web site or Web page listing in natural search results. These factors are controlled by you or by coding on your page. Examples of on-page optimization include actual HTML code, meta tags, keyword placement and keyword density.

On-site optimisation refers to the process of making your website appeal to both search engines and users. It reviews and improves both the public face of your website and the behind the scenes coding and technical set-up that only search engines see.

A search engine evaluates a website differently to a human visitor. A search engine can't evaluate how nicely your website is designed, how well your content is written or how much value your products/services provide. It has to judge a website from a technical point of view.

On-site optimisation is the foundation on which the off-site optimisation process builds upon. Without it, off-site optimisation efforts can go largely to waste. The process is wide ranging, and will vary slightly from website to website, but these are some of the main factors that form the on-site optimisation process:

  • :- Add keywords to urls, title tags, meta descriptions, header tags and alt tags.

  • :- Ensure each page has a unique and descriptive title and description.

  • :- Assign existing, or create new, pages for each keyword.

  • :- Improve content to match/better content on competitor websites.

  • :- Assess existing and potential keyword targets.

  • :- Remove, merge or add to pages that have little useful content on them.

  • :- Check the site loads properly in different web browsers and screen resolutions.

  • :- Analyse inbound link profile.

  • :- Ensure call to actions are located in prominent positions.

  • :- Link to important pages from the homepage and/or main navigation area.

  • :- Improve the readability and formatting of written content.

  • :- Check for and fix broken links.

  • :- Add structured data mark-up code.

  • :- Claim authorship of content.

  • :- Fix duplicate content issues.

  • :- Add in-content links where appropriate.

  • :- Remove unnecessary outbound links.

  • :- Create a user-friendly 404 error page.

  • :- Assess and improve page loading times.

  • :- Add social media sharing buttons.

  • :- Create and submit an XML sitemap.

  • :- Set-up Google Analytics and Search Console.

Off-Page SEO Work


Off-page SEO work for our, it's improve the site ranking

Of-page SEO work improve Search Result

Off-site optimisation is the process of promoting your website across the web. The purpose is to build brand awareness, improve rankings in search engines and attract visitors from 3rd party websites.

It's an on-going process – not a one-off, set and forget one. The best approach to off-site SEO depends on the industry you operate in and your budget, but your overall strategy should consist of several of the following methods.

Expert SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

There are a variety of Search Engine Optimization Services which offer solutions for a variety of Web ranking issues, and deficiencies. Depending on your goals, and needs one, or a combination. Contact us, about your Project.

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Of-page SEO work improve Search Result


Contact companies and bloggers with relevant (but non-competing) websites. Ask them to link to your best content.

Content Marketing

Contact companies and bloggers with relevant (but non-competing) websites. Publish content on their websites which links back to your website.

Press Releases

Write press releases to share news and opinions about developments in your industry. Distribute them via online channels and include links back to your website.


Get listed in good quality, manually reviewed business directories and local directories. Include links back to your website.

Pay Per Click

Use Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising to gain instant new visitors. Constantly review and adjust ads to improve click through rates and reduce the cost per click.

Network Sites

Create a network of websites that branch into sub-industries of your own. Provide useful information and link to relevant websites (including your own)

Video Marketing

Create videos that provide information and advice about your industry. Brand the videos and upload them to video sharing websites.

Comment Marketing

Comment on articles on relevant websites and blogs. Leave insightful comments and include links back to your website.

Social Media Marketing

Create content, on your own website and on a Socail Media pages, that appeals to Socail Media users. Encourage people to 'like' your content and share it with their friends and family.

Banner Advertising

Create image adverts to display on relevant 3rd party websites. Regularly change the websites advertised on to expose your brand to new audiences.

Answer Questions

You can actively participate in answering questions on sites. You can place a link to your website in the source section if necessary so that people can easily find your site.

Link Exchanges

Contact companies in relevant industries and link to each other's websites. Only link to other websites that provide value to your own customer base.

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Auxano - SEO Company that offers quality SEO

With effective SEO you can easily rank on top of Search Engines giving your business the boost to take it to the next level.

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Delivering SEO Results


Delivering Best SEO Result for our Customer

Keyword Analysis

SEO Results are the crux of any SEO program. Without any good results to showcase your strenghts & abilities, any SEO Agency cannot claim to be the leader in this field. Auxano has proven to be hitting the nail on the head everytime with all of it's complex projects. Below, we showcase just some of the first page results for our clients.

Improving SEO Ranking through Keyword Clustring


Improving SEO Ranking through Keyword Clustring

Improving SEO Ranking through Keyword Clustring

Early information retrieval systems were fairly basic programs designed to essentially to find a match between search terms in a query and those same words appearing in documents. As search has evolved, however, simple keyword-based matching is only one of dozens of factors used to find relevant documents related to a searcher’s query.

Because searchers are often parsimonious with query terms, search engines need to develop contextual models to help them better understand both queries and web documents. Search optimizers can leverage this by optimizing not just isolated keywords, but keyword clusters that offer a richer context of meaning for a search engine to chew on.

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