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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Looking at the Best Search Engine Optimization SEO Techniques

On-Page SEO tactics for highest quality content backed by Off-Page SEO of network of quality backlinks.

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SEO Experts Explaining Search Engine Optimization Formula

Search Engine Optimization
Formula shared by SEO Experts


Search Engine Optimization: The Must-Have Tool in your Digital Marketing Arsenal

Search Engine Optimization, often coined as Search Engine Optimization, is a brilliant technique of internet digital marketing. Search Engine Optimization basically focuses on increasing the search engine ranking of your website so as to make it visible to the regular as well as casual web surfers looking for your products.


Search Engine Optimization Tactics

Search Engine Optimization Tactics

Search Engine Optimization has always been taken, observed, developed and optimized from the client side. This means that traditionally Search Engine Optimization tactics have been to manipulate the Search Engine to think that your website has the best possible content. We @Auxano are moving beyond that. We make sure that your website has the best possible content for the product or service you are aiming to provide to your customers. And by simple logic, if your website has the best possible content and search engines become aware of this data mine of useful content, they will lap it up and serve to their customers.

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Auxano - SEO Company that offers quality SEO

With effective SEO you can easily rank on top of Search Engines giving your business the boost to take it to the next level.

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Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Search Engine Optimization Strategies

We basically design Search Engine Optimization strategies from the point of view of customers searching for something on their favourite search engines. The best Search Engine will be the one that serves it's customer the best possible information available on the billions of pages on the internet. So designing a quality content website focussed and armed with all On-Page Search Engine Optmizations will do a good job. This On-Page Search Engine Optimization will just need to be strengthened with some good quality network of links (Off-Page Search Engine Optimization) for greater visibility and authenticity.


Search Engine Optimization Primary Approach: Make Quality Content that Search Engine like Google wants to Index

Search Engine Optimization: Creating Content that is a Treat for the Search Engines

Original High Quality Content featuring visual media elements like Graphics, Images, and Video are readily becoming high performing Search Engine Optimization assets for the top-ranked web pages. Rich text with visual elements gets priority in SERPs over webpages with just text. Image contribution to Pinterest, Video marketing on YouTube and generating unique content for Social Media can generate a huge amount of link and social sharing traffic for your website.


How Auxano divides and executes each Search Engine Optimization project it handles - Analysis, On-Page Search Engine Optimization and Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Tri-furcation: Analysis, On-Page Search Engine Optimization and Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

We @Auxano specialise in 100% unique customized Visual Designs at economical price points for our customers. We can help to apply new Search Engine Optimization strategies that focus beyond link building and search keywords, and account for how the unique content engages with your target audience and effectively convinces them to convert into sales.

On-Page SEO Factors


On Page SEO Optimization for your Business Website

What is On-Page SEO

On-Page Search Engine Optimization refers to the technique of optimizing your website through On-Page coding. On-Page SEO has the most important effect on your Web site or Web page listing in natural search results. These On Page SEO factors are controlled by you or by coding on your page. There are several on-page factors that affect search engine rankings.

    On-Page SEO Services for your Business

    Auxano provides Useful On-Page SEO techniques to improve your SEO, including; page titles, meta tags, descriptions, internal linking, body tags, etc

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    What are the On-Page Search Engine Optimization factors and how do they fit in the Search Engine Optimization Formula


    On-Page Search Engine Optimization: The Importance of the Title Tag

    Page Title Tag

    Page Title tags are one of the most important on-page factors affecting the SEO. They come second only after good quality content. The Title tag is the main text that describes an online document. Title elements have always been considered as one of the most important on-page SEO elements. The Title Tags apart from building the on-Page SEO also appear in many key places like browsers page headings, search engine results pages, and other social and external websites.

    The Title Tag should be well thought of and concise summary of the page contents and is highly relevant for the page SEO performance. The target SEO keywords should be included in the Page Title with the right understanding of what the page is delivering to the customer.

    An optimized Title Tag would easily add +3 points to your Website's Search Engine Relevancy Matrix. With the other On-Page SEO factors also optimized as described below, you can achieve that perfect score in the search engine optimization formula to make your site rank #1 on Google.

Expert SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

There are a variety of Search Engine Optimization Services which offer solutions for a variety of Web ranking issues, and deficiencies. Depending on your goals, and needs one, or a combination. Contact us, about your Project.

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Difference Between Good and Bad URL

URL of your Web Page

URL (the file name that is displayed when your page is opened in the browser) is important because it helps the user to understand what the page is all about. It is also helpful from an anchor text perspective because people are more likely to link with the relevant word or phrase if the keywords are included in the URL. A URL name or structure which is difficult for people to read hampers proper understanding of the page objectives.


Difference Between Good and Bad url - Good Page url it helps in Search Rankings


Difference Between Good and Bad url - Good Page url it helps in Search Rankings


On-Page SEO: Keywords in URLs help in SEO

At all stages of search engine optimization, we need to check what - 'we ourselves as a user would prefer to see'. Would we prefer to see a URL with multiple special characters making no sense to the user or a clean URL showcasing the summarized detail of a webpage. Once, we know what we would like to see we should understand that all Search Engine Algorithms are designed to keep that user experience as their priority. Hence, Google's Search Engine relevancy matrix would assign your webpage additionals brownie points for your clear and crisp URL name and structure. Also, the relative URL structuring enables the search engines to understand relative importance of any particular URL.


Making the right URL using hyphens for superior SEO rankings

A clean URL with the right keywords will easily add an additional +3 points to the Website's Search Engine Relevancy Matrix for the given page.

Additionally, while designing pages it is essential that URL keywords are separated by hyphens '-' rather than undescores '_'. Thus a properly formatted URL would consist of precise keywords separated by dashes or hyphens. This increases readability for the user and hence is factored in the search engine's relevancy formula. A hyphens separated keyword rich URL can easily add +1 points to your Website's Search Engine Relevancy Matrix.


Having Unique Indexable Content is a real boost for your sites SEO Rankings

Content of the Page

The content of your page is what makes it worthy of a search result ranking position. Again remember that, Search Engines just want their users (i.e. the searcher) to reach the best possible content on the web for their search query. Thus, by having good content and ensuring Google knows about your content can ensure very good rankings for your website.

Unique Content Which Attract more
visitors to your Website

Our Content Writing Experts Provide Instructive, Credible, and Keyword-Friendly Content for your Website

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Website Content: Add Relevant Text, Images, Videos and Genuine Product Reviews


The page content is what the user came to see and is thus extremely important to the search engines. As such, it is important to create good content. We believe that CONTENT IS KING.

From an SEO perspective, good content can only be created if you have some information that is not available on the web easily. Even if some other competitor website is having good content on their website, you can still improve your Search Rankings by designing even better content including text, images, videos and animations. Consider yourself as the Search Engine Google - You would only move a website from #1 position to #2 position if you find superior content on some other website which you can now promote to #1 rank.


All Headings should be optimized for the User and Search Engine Spiders to understand the Page Structure

Keywords in your Headings

You can optimize the Search Engine rankings of your page by clearly having a page content heirarchy and each element having their proper headings. The HTML tags H1, H2, H3 and so on are available to the website developer to showcase the headings that are most important.

Having Keyword rich headings with supporting content can go in a long way in your website optimization for SEO. We can understand that headings make it easier for the user to understand the content on your website and form a complete picture of the details available on your website. Enriched headings can easily augment +3 points to the Website's Search Engine Relevancy Matrix


Hit the Bull's Eye: Keep your SEO Keywords in the beginning of your Document

Keywords in the Beginning of your Document

Your webpage may be having a lot of content and showcasing multiple elements related to a particular subject. The ideal situation is that you hit the bull's eye as soon as the page loading starts. Remember the user can leave your website at any time. He might not be inclined to read through the complete page.

While writing content for any Search Engine Friendly page, we ensure that we mention what the page is all about and how we are going to handle each element on the page. This ensures that the user interest in our page is always maintained. Optimized content with the target keywords in the starting can easily elevate your Website's Search Engine Relevancy Matrix by +2 points.

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Keywords in your Metatags

    Metatags are information on your webpage that are not for the user and only for the Search Engine Crawlers. These metatags provide information to the Search Engine as to the usefullness and keyword targetting for your page.


    Only have Relevant Keywords in your Metatags

    While metatags were one of the most important factors for Search Engine Rankings, they have now lost their historical importance. Since, metatags were not visible to users they were being misused by developers having inferior content to rank their sites higher. It was becoming murkier with keyword stuffing into meta tags which actually had no relevance to the site's actual user readable content.

    This metatag misuse led to inconsistent websites coming on top of search results thus resulting in decreasing user experience. The Search Engine Algorithms have therefore, now upgraded themselves to utilize these metatags only if these metatags augment the actual site content. In case, there is misuse of these metatags, then the search engine algorithms actually penalize the offending websites.

    Though some search engines now give little importance to metatags, we recommend using metatags only for their original use i.e. to give information to the search engines about your page content in the language and format they understand. Here, the metatags which actually are an extension of the site's content can push the Website's Search Engine Relevancy Matrix by +1 points in some search engines.


Targetting Specific Keywords can make your site Search Engine Friendly

Distribution of Keywords in your Content

The Search Engine Optimization for your page can only list your page in the top search results if the search engines find relevant and consistent referenes to the search query string in your website content. For example, a site targetting users for buying 'Laptop Computers' would explain the availability of 'Laptop Computers' with them along with the advantages of these 'Laptops'. They would list the salient points and showcase mutliple images of their 'Best Laptops'.

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Optimal SEO Practice: Maintain Organic Keyword Density; Don't overstuff Keywords

Keyword Density

Keywords are evaluated by Search Engines everytime your page is indexed. Search Engines calculate the Keyowrd Density for all important keywords in your document. For best SEO, we receommend a healthy and natural 5-7% keywords density for any major keyword that you are targetting.

Overstuffing your keywords in the Page content would make the user feel awkward and reduce his browsing experience and hence is not liked by the Search Engine's Algorithms. Having the right keyword density can easily add useful +3 points to your Website's Search Engine Optimization Relevancy Matrix.


For Best SEO have Natural Keyword Proximity; Don't overstuff Keywords

Keyword Proximity

Search Engines are also calculating the Keyword Proximity for all important keywords. The basic idea behind all of these measures is to ensure that the content which actually gets displayed to the user is not an artifical text overlapping and repeating the same objective.

Overstuffing and overlapping keywords in the Page content very close to each other is a clear indicator to the Search Engine of your site's malicious intent. Maintaining the right keyword proximity can easily add improve your Website's SEO Relevancy Matrix by +1 points.


Help Search Engines by having Synonyms of Target Keywords

Optimizing for Synonyms of Target Keywords

Keywords, relevance and good quality content is essential for your SEO campaign's sucess. Your Search Engine Optimization Campaign can greatly benefit by optimizing your website for synonyms of the target keywords. Consider the users searching for medical professionals online. They can use the synonyms 'Doctors', 'Medical Professional', 'Dr', 'Clinics', 'Hospital', 'physician', 'MD' and many more keywords. Having variations of these keywords in your site can be helpful in showcasing your site as a search result for any of the keyword or it's synonym search query.


Utilize Keyword Stemming for better SEO Promotion

Undestanding Keyword Stemming

Keyword Stemming is the process of generating new words from the same root word. Search Engines have been playing with keyword stemming and are now able to match and implement the right keyword stemming strategy for the relevant content. This can additionally boost search results and users who use the new keywords in their search queries.


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Optimize for Keyword Phrases consisting of several words for best SEO

Optimizing for complete Keyword Phrases

Again and again, we are confirming that SEO is all about content. The content should be inclusive of Keyword Phrases that are being searched on major search engines. Targetting Keyword Phrases through multiple channels on the website pages can be an important On-Page SEO technique. You have the Title Tag, URL, Headings, Metatags, content text and images to target multiple keyword phrases of the same target keyword. This can be a signal to Search Engines about the usefullness of your website and a great stamp of authencity to your quality content.


Optimizing for Secondary Keywords can be a gold mine for SEO Experts

Optimizing for Secondary Keywords

True SEO experts not only rank you high for some selective keywords but make sure that all secondary keywords are also captured by optimizing the On-Pafe SEO Content. The analysis phase of the SEO campaign highlists all primary and secondary keywords that you would like to target. Secondary Keywords are easy to target due to their lower search frequency and hence lower competition.


Use Relevant Images to break the Monotonous Text Descriptions: Use Image Metatags for further USer Experience Enhancement

Images - SEO Blockbuster

Images are the now being used most extensively for SEO marketing. Just imagine a webpage with 1000 lines of text and no image to make sense of all that text. Now, compare that page to this page. We are using multiple image to increase the overall user experience. A user visiting our page will not be snowballed with lines and lines of text which may well have been creatively written. The images explaining every point that we want to send across acts as a strong motivator and enhancer to the user experience.

We @Auxano believe that users want to experience content in a newer way and what better to explain all the relevant content in the form os a small infographic. We call any image showcasing useful information through graphics as an Infographic.

Images coupled with good decriptive filenames and alt and title metatags can give important information to the search engine about content on your website. Actually, with the advancement of technology, Images are now a very important tool for Search Engine Optimization. Search Engines are now capable to read the content inside images and this presents a very valid case to boost and streghten your website content with good Infographics. We have an entire section dedicated to IMAGE - SEO below:

Upcoming: Image SEO Techniques


Higher SEO Rankings: Update your Content Regularly

Updating Fresh Content

On-Page SEO can be greatly optimized and augmented by having fresh and regularly updated content on your website. Search Engines will routinely index your pages (based on the past change frequency) or you can inform the Search Engines to crawl a page through the sitemap. If the Search Engines see updated content that is unique and caters to their search users, then they will give higher rankings to your site. The Search Engine Optimization Relevancy Matrix can be easily incremented by +1 points for every major update of your webpage.


Higher SEO Rankings: Get Width and Depth in your Website Content

Site Size Matters in SEO

We advise all our clients to design websites which provide detailed information about the products or services they offer. From a business prospective, you might be inclined to only showcase a limted information for the product, but for a killer SEO campaign, you would need to add more information. We advise our customers to provide as detailed information to us as possible. We tell them that a customer coming to them through the Search Engine will only visit their site if it has good detailed content targetting all possible keywords.


Conlcusion: On-Page SEO Factors

Conlcusion: On-Page SEO Factors

We have tried listing some of the major On-Page SEO factors above. It all boils down to best and highly effective content. Without content there is actually very little that a site can achieve in terms of SEO.

If you are really serious about Search Engine Optimization for your website and you are not getting expected results, then it would be a good idea to get in touch with us. Our SEO experts will perform a detailed analysis of your code based on all the factors listed above and clean up to ensure that the On-Page SEO code is search engine friendly and standards compliant. A basic evaluation of your website can point out the leaks and weak-points that can be addressed to get your webpages to the top of search result rankings.

Delivering SEO Results

Search Engine Optimization Results for Industrial Valve Store

SEO Results are the crux of any SEO program. Without any good results to showcase your strengths and abilities, any SEO Agency cannot claim to be the leader in this field. Auxano has proven to be hitting the nail on the head everytime with all of it's complex projects. Below, we showcase just some of the first page results for our clients.

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Within Six months of Launching the Industrial Valve Store's website, we were able to get 1st Page Google Results for the client for 4 of their main products - Butterfly Valves, Globe Valves, Diverter Valves and Gate Valves.

Delivering SEO Results

Search Engine Optimization Results for Designer Fabrics

Meanwhile, we had another client in the Fabric Supply Domain. They wanted to showcase their products in the international market and came to us to promote their website by performing a thorough Search Engine Optimization Campaign involving Analysis, On-Page and Off-Page Optimizations.

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The client wanted boutique owners searching for fabric online to find and send enquiries to their store. Once Auxano successfully delivered their website SEO, they started receiving calls and visits from potential customers leading to 60-70% increase in their revenues. Additionally, their brand is now well recognized and respected in the market enabling them to take the lead in introducing many new fabrics through their website.


Auxano: Top Search Engine Optimization Agency

The above examples are a testament as to how Auxano has been partnering with Businesses to run their Integrated Digital Marketing Campaigns which involves Search Engine Optimized and Responsive Website. You can additionally check-out our comprehensive portfolio of SEO client rankings here.

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