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Video SEO Optimization

Learn how to optimize Video content for Search Engines

Video SEO best practices and ideas for taking a long-term, quality-driven approach to get your videos to rank well for your search terms.

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Video SEO Optimization

Video SEO Optimization


Optimizing YouTube Videos for SEO

Although YouTube isn't the only option in video distribution, it's hard to deny that if YouTube was a search engine, it'd be the number two search engine in the world behind Google. A strong argument could be made for producing and optimizing video for SEO results, especially if you think about how much time you devote to content marketing to garner rankings for web pages. Given the amount of competition on the written web, ranking for video in YouTube may be much easier and — as an added bonus — top spots in YouTube often mean equally attractive position in Google's universal search results.

Optimizing YouTube Videos for SEO

Here's a checklist you can follow to optimize your videos in YouTube:

Title text

You have 99 characters to optimize your title text, so consider your target keywords and any other keywords you may want to rank for, but don't forget including your branding and descriptive text. If you have little chance of getting that top spot, aim for second to boost views by proxy, related videos also get lots of views.


You have 5,000 characters, which is a lot, so use all that space to write as much about your video as possible. Because user ratings and views play a factor in your search rankings within YouTube (and therefore Google), make sure to ask for people to rank your video, but also share and embed your video.


Useful for search terms you use in your title text and description, including names and branding.

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Broadcasting and sharing options:


Most marketers may set videos to private while working on them prior to an official launch date or campaign, just don't forget to later set them to public.


It's up to you whether you want to enable comments. Just remember: if you disable commenting, users will go elsewhere to talk about your video, your brand, or your message.

Video Responses

These help boost views because they are automatically linked to your original.


Optimizing YouTube Videos for SEO


These have a direct impact on your rankings, so make sure you set this to "yes."


Blogs and social media shares really boost views, and help your message get to new audiences outside of YouTube, it's a good idea to keep this enabled.


Again, anything to boost your views will help your video rank higher in YouTube and Google, so keep this enabled.

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Getting views


Promotion Through Video SEO

;- YouTube considers a video "viewed" after eight seconds of runtime, so make sure your video has enough "pull" to get you past that hump.
;- Embedding it in your company blog or on product pages can boost video views and encourage discovery.
;- Post your videos to your Youtube channel.
;- Encourage others to share your video on social media platforms within the video itself by asking people to share it in your video itself and in the description.
;- Seed your videos on bookmarking and listing sites.
;- Distribute links to your videos in press releases and embed them in social media releases.
;- Promote views of your video by buying them through Google AdWords.
;- Chunk your videos into smaller parts and link them all together using playlists.

Optimizing Hosted Video for SEO

    Optimizing hosted video isn't unlike optimizing video for YouTube. However, there aren't hard and fast rules that can be formulated in a handy checklist with specific instructions on fields to use, maximum character counts, and other tidbits of tribal knowledge.

    Not much has changed with respect to optimizing hosted videos; it's a lot like optimizing normal web pages. Consider the three main tenets of organic search success:


Optimizing Hosted Video for SEO

1. Delivery: Accessibility, geo-gating, speed, video sitemaps, media RSS, multiple formats such as HTML5 vs. Flash vs. Silverlight, iTunes and iPod/iPad-friendly video types, etc.

2. Content is king: Organization of player code should be as good as a well-optimized web page, relevance is still important, use meta data wisely, user experience (especially from organic search) should be paramount.

3. Links: Encourage sharing, allow embedding, watermark your video, submit video to video-specific engines, seed lists, and bookmarking sites.

Although video isn't new to the web, many marketers and businesses fail to make the best use of tools and social networks that will take their video and SEO results to the next level. If you're going to invest time and money in boosting your SEO efforts this year. Don't Worry Contact US, We will help you.

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10 Video SEO Tips
That Can Truly Impact Your Rankings

    Always Be Providing Value

    There's no point to being found if you don't provide a fabulous experience when your audience arrives. The first few points on the video SEO checklist are about proving your worth to your viewers, not the robots.

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Use Video to Solve Problems & Provide New Information

01. Use Video to Solve Problems & Provide New Information

To get your videos to rank well for your search terms, you need to provide great content that actually solves problems or provides new information. The good news is that great content usually isn't difficult or expensive to produce.

This can be as simple as filming a whiteboarding session or getting one of your subject matter experts to sit down for a short interview. Ask yourself: what problems or obstacles does my audience faces regularly? How can I show someone how to accomplish their goal faster/better/cheaper?


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Make Videos Easy to Browse & Link to Individual Video Playback Pages

02. Make Videos Easy to Browse & Link to Individual Video Playback Pages

Group together your video assets and create a user-friendly video resource center where your viewers can easily search your content.

Set up your video portal or gallery with categories and tags so it's easy to find exactly what you're looking for and navigate between videos seamlessly.

Avoid the endless stream of video players on a single page. If you've ever come across a wall of embedded YouTube videos on someone's site, you'll understand just how difficult it is to find what you want.

Instead, make sure you have a separate landing page for each video so search engines can find and index each video asset individually. You've invested in your video content, so don't let a poor video experience take away from that.


Use Interactive Video Elements to Connect With Viewers

03. Use Interactive Video Elements to Connect With Viewers

For every video someone watches, there is an opportunity to call that person to action or guide them to the next logical step.

Interactive video elements like in-video links, quizzes, surveys, and forms enable you to intercept your viewers at key moments and drive action.

For example, if you create a how-to video for your app, use in-video interactivity to link your viewer directly to the point in your app where they can accomplish what they just learned.


Be Smart & Relevant About Metadata

04. Be Smart & Relevant About Metadata

The senior interactive marketing manager at Auxano, talked about how you uses rich metadata and smart content organization to get the most from their video resource library. Video is a way to go after valuable long tail keywords that they would not otherwise be able to grab.

Also be sure to populate hidden tags in the HTML code of your video landing pages, specifically Facebook's Open Graph tags, Schema.org's microdata tags, and even sometimes Twitter Card tags.

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Use Transcriptions for Indexing, Usability & Content

05. Use Transcriptions for Indexing, Usability & Content

Transcriptions can have a major impact on your search rankings. In the same webinar, Lewis presented the results of a quick test we did with some of Safe Net's videos. The goal was to see if a transcript could take a video that was not ranking and get it ranked. The answer was yes.

In just three weeks, the selected videos were ranking on the first page (Bing and Yahoo). We're continuing to watch how these video perform.

To unlock the content in your videos, add video transcriptions directly to the HTML of each of the pages where your videos are hosted. Transcriptions give your viewers the option to "read" a video if they can't listen at the time, while providing the keyword richness a search engine needs.

Transcriptions are also very useful in creating additional content from your videos. For example, you can use a transcript as the base for a blog post that links back to your video resource site.


Host Your Videos on Your Own Domain

06. Host Your Videos on Your Own Domain

If there is one single thing you do to get more SEO value from your videos it's to host them on your own domain. YouTube and Vimeo have their place (we'll get to that below), but you must host your videos on your own site.

You want to use an online video platform that will build out a video sitemap on a subdomain on your own site. If you're using YouTube or another video player to embed video on your site, you're simply giving away all the credit for your content.


Make Sure You Have a Video Sitemap

07. Make Sure You Have a Video Sitemap

To really nail the nuts and bolts of video SEO, you need to have the basics covered with a properly configured video sitemap.

Every entry in your video sitemap must include a link to a landing page for a video, hence the value of the video resource site or video gallery.

Metadata is optional but recommended.

Look for an online video platform that automates the video sitemap for you so you don't have to worry about it on an ongoing basis.


Use YouTube to Preview High-Value Content, Drive Traffic Back to Your Own Site

08. Use YouTube to Preview High-Value Content, Drive Traffic Back to Your Own Site

YouTube is a great place to get your content discovered by new people. It's an awareness channel that should be part of your marketing mix; however, you should approach YouTube like a mandatory layover. It's a quick stop on the route to your final destination – your own video gallery hosted on your own domain.

A great way to leverage YouTube for all its awareness value, while contributing to your own video SEO, is to create shorter video previews for your content and use YouTube's annotations to place in video CTA that drive viewers back to your site's own video resource library, hosted on your own domain.

Consider your preview to be a different piece of content. Use a different title and summary and perhaps even swap out the thumbnail.

From a viewer's perspective, what do they need to see to be motivated to click through? This avoids the duplicate content problem, while creating a good user experience.


Allow Others to Embed Your Videos

09. Allow Others to Embed Your Videos

As you create great videos, let others incorporate your content into their work. By making it easy for others to embed your videos on their site, you're increasing the potential for more inbound links to your own website – clearly an SEO win.

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Measure How Keywords Impact the Bottom Line

10. Measure How Keywords Impact the Bottom Line

Last but not least, always start with the end in mind. As you plan out your video SEO strategy, don't forget to implement a tracking system to capture the success of your new strategy.

Sometimes tracking is built into your video platform or analytics software, sometimes this is custom code that engineering or IT will build, but it should always report on the number of people that come through the top of the funnel through social or search, and track those contacts through your content strategy to closure.

That brings us to the end of my 10-point checklist for a real video SEO strategy. Would you add anything to list? What has worked for you in the past?

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