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Social Media Marketing (SMM) on Google Plus (g+)

Google Plus Social Marketing can be hugely rewarding for companies.

Use Google Plus for Social Marketing - With over 150 million active users, and 50% of all users logging into Google Plus daily, Google Plus is a social network you can't ignore.

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Google Plus Social Media Marketing

Getting Started with SMM on Google(g+)


Google Plus Social Media Marketing: Get more Customers

What is Google Plus Social Media Marketing?

In essence, Google Plus is basically a Social Marketing Platform where users can generate and share Social Media or Business Content for Social Media Marketing with other like-minded individuals. Google+ being backed by the Search Giant Google has an added advantage of strengthening the Search Engine Optimization efforts for your site.

Google Plus is becoming very popular due to the level of flexibility it offers in terms of engagement, control and useful Marketing features, some of which are shared below. These features have made Google Plus very popular in Social Media marketing within the Business community as it offers the ability to filter out unwanted background 'noise' which is an unavoidable aspect of many other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Google Plus integrates neatly with other Google products facilitating smooth navigation between them.

Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites.

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Key Features of Google Plus


Central Feature of Google Plus is called Circles

Managing your Circles

The Central Feature of Google Plus is called Circles. This is where users organise their connections into discreet groups (Circles), e.g. friends, family, work, Customer, Business etc. If you add someone to your Circle they will be notified. However, unlike Facebook, where a confirmed friend request establishes a two-way connection, this is not the case with Circles. People who you've added to your Circle have a choice whether or not they to add you back to their own Circle. You can also allocate your members to more than one group, or set up Circles within Circles, permitting more flexibility and control.


Posts & The Stream for Social Media Marketing on Google Plus

Posts / The Stream for Social Media Marketing on Google Plus

Posting is where you share updates or information of interest to your Circles. You can also select who see your Goole+ Social Media posts. The Stream is similar to a news feed and allows users to see Social Media Marketing, Business News Posts from their Circles. Users can comment on these posts if they want. The Stream can be customised to only show posts from specific Circles via the settings option. Settings offer a wide range of customisations across Google Plus in general.

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Use Hangouts Feature for Social Media Marketing for your Business on Google Plus

Use Hangouts Feature for Social Media Marketing for your Business on Google Plus

Hangouts is a Google plus Social Media Feature that allows Google Plus Social Media users to conduct group interaction via instant Business Messaging or your Company Marketing Video. Up to 10 Business People can be involved at once. Hangouts replaces Google Chat. A free SMS feature is rumoured to be made available in the coming months.
Hangouts on Air is a free video broadcasting service that allows you to stream a live feed to your YouTube channel. It's completely integrated with Google as well. Hangouts on Air allows you to reach out to a larger audience by allowing you to build your own audience and visiting Hangouts on Air shows held by other Google+ users.


Google '+1' play Important role for your Social Media Marketing

The +1 Button for your Business in this Digital World

Google Plus '+1' Button functions in a similar way to Facebook's Like button and allows users to demonstrate their approval of a post. The visibility of your +1's is much higher on the Google Search Engine thus providing 2-pronged benefits of Social Sharing and SEO.

    How to Use Google Plus for Marketing?

    If you want to dominate social media, you have to distribute rich media content efficiently and effectively. Google+ helps you do that and more.

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Google Plus - Users can Search Directly within Google Plus to find people

Search within Google Plus.

There are many ways to track whether or not your Marketing Campaign is generating traffic or not. However, Users can Search Directly within Google Plus to find people, posts and resources. Google has created an almost completely unique experience through the functions of Google+. It offers many innovative, new ways for businesses to promote themselves and engage with potential Customers and Clients.

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Google+ Features You Need to Know for
Social Media Marketing


Google Plus Social Media Maketing -Hashtag Feature

Hashtag Feature for Tag Something Important...

:- Google Plus will automatically scan a post and attach a relevant or trending hashtag, mimicking the common protocol in microblogging sites such as Twitter. This feature can be deactivated.

:- The hashtag functionality is also available on Google+. By using the right ones, you'll find that the reach of your posts will be far greater and you will engage your target audience a lot easier. Like Twitter, Google+ also has its own set of trending hashtags, so you can use any of the trending topics that relate to your business.


Google Plus Social Media Maketing - Google Plus Pages

Google Plus Pages

:- This is similar to Facebook Pages and Linkedin Company pages and facilitates the setting up of a 'Brand' page.

:- When you create a Google Plus page, you create new business opportunities across all of Google's products. From bringing you closer to the top in Google searches, to having a Google map with directions to your store appear when someone types in your brand name, these are not benefits you'll want to miss out on.


Google Plus Local - Business will be Displayed on Google Maps, Google Search Results....

Google Plus Local

:- These are pages that allow customers to interact with a businesses location, submitting reviews for example. Businesses can register their details (address, contact details etc.) and "claim" their location.

It also means that the business will be displayed on Google Maps and may also show up on a map when Google returns results from local searches. Google Places is being merged / integrated into Google Plus Local.

    Social Media Marketing for Businesses

    Social media marketing (SMM) is a form of Internet marketing that utilizes social networking websites as a marketing tool. Google Plus With over 150 million active users, and 50% of all users logging into Google Plus daily


    Quick & Easy Tips For Google+ Social Media Marketing Business Newcomers

  • Design Cover Photos with Responsive Design in mind! Without the proper design elements and dimensions in mind, cover photos can look funky due to Google's Responsive Design on Google+ Business pages.

    Use Hashtags in your Social Media Marketing Business Posts when you've got a Buzz worthy Topic! Google+ will also Automatically include Hashtags when Appropriate, so think about you Social Media marketing keywords when writing your Social Media Marketing Content and Updates.

    Encourage reviews from your customers on Google+. Reviews increase the authority of your Google+ Business page and increase the likelihood of ranking well in the local Search Carousel.

  • quick-&-easy-tips-for-google-plus-social-media-marketing-business

    Quick & Easy Tips for Google Plus

  • Unlike Facebook, Google+ allows you to upload Animated GIFs related to Social Media Marketing or Any think . If your Audience is into that kind of stuff, do it!

    Stay active and add Influential People and Business Pages to your Social Media Marketing Circles. +1 and comment on other people's and pages' content on Google+ and often they will reciprocate. The more activity and engagement you receive on your Meaning full Social Media Marketing Content, the more cumulative +1s you receive, and the better Google treats you in Search Results!

    Make sure to connect your Business Page with your Social Media Marketing Website. If you make it easy for people to know you're on Google+ and connect with you, the +1s will come Fasterrrr..!

Google+ Social Marketing - Vital for All Businesses


Google+ Social Marketing

Google Plus Local

Google has created an almost completely unique experience through the functions of Google+. It offers many innovative, new ways for businesses to promote themselves and engage with potential customers and clients. We don't need to mention again the importance of Google+ for Search Engine Rankings! But it can be much more than just an SEO boost – let us know what you think and start a Social Media Campaign Today!

How to Use Google Plus for Marketing?

Over 150 million active users, and 50% of all users logging into Google Plus daily

Google+ is an interest-based social network that is owned and operated by Google. Social Media Marketing refers to the process of gaining Traffic or Attention through Social Media Sites.

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Auxano: Your Social Media Marketing Manager

There are numerous other Social Media Marketing Platforms like Reddit, Stumble Upon, Digg, Blogspot and Location-Based Social Media Tools like Yelp, FourSquare, and Level Up. Utlilizing and managing these platforms can be easily achieved by using Auxano's Professional Social Media Marketing Services.


Improve your Brand Presence and Attract New Customers

Using social media platforms for marketing does more than improve site traffic and help businesses reach more customers. These Social Media Platforms provide valuable insight for better understanding and learning from your target audiences. As per Lastest Estimates, Social Networking is used by 76% of businesses today. Business retailers have seen marked increases in their revenues from social media marketing.

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Mobile-Friendly Social Media Engagement is the new mantra. Mobile phone usage has also become beneficial for social media marketing. Today, most cell phones have social networking capabilities: individuals are notified of any happenings on social networking sites through their cell phones, in real-time. This constant connection to social networking sites means products and companies can constantly remind and update followers about their capabilities, uses, importance, etc. It is estimated that in 2017, more than 90 percent of internet users will access social content through their mobile devices..

Original High Quality Content featuring visual media elements like graphics, images, and video are readily becoming high performing Social Media assets for the top-ranked web pages. Rich text messages with visual elements gets more shares on Twitter and Facebook than messages with just text. Image contribution to Pinterest, Video marketing on YouTube and generating unique content for Social Media can generate a huge amount of link and social sharing traffic for your website. We specialise in 100% unique customized Visual Designs at affordable prices for you.


Each and every Social Media Engagement Project we undertake is tailored specifically to meet your specific requirements. As our large portfolio shows, we are very adaptable and able to produce results that will exceed your expectations. We make sure that we provide you the desired designs within your spcecified time boundaries. We can help to apply new Social Media Marketing strategies that focus on generating unique content that engages with your target audience and effectively convinces them to share those messages with their followers thereby increasing your visibility manifold.

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